How can I accomplish this?



I have a whole bunch of files in various format, from .avi, .mpg to .ram that I want to put on a single DVD and be able to watch in my DVD players. What software will I need to do this and is this possible? The files are all different formats and resolutions…(Episodes of a old tv show)


I’d say VSO DivX to DVD, it’s free and can handle various file types. It will also author the DVD for you, ready to burn. Just keep adding files until you have, oh, say 2 1/2 to 3 hours running time. Not really possible to get more exact, the app has essentially no settings. Not always a bad thing, for novices, anyway. :wink:

There are many more ways to accomplish what you ask, but none are simpler, and most are not free either. Good luck. :slight_smile:


Doesn’t seem to work on the .ram files and a few others? Seems only for DIVX? Logical by name…any ideas?

.ASF doesnt work…


DivX to DVD does more than just DivX, I believe it can handle Quicktime and Real Media. But you may need Quicktime Alternative and Real Alternative to carry out any conversions from *.MOV and *.RAM to MPEG. (With the aforementioned codecs, any decent encoder, TMPGEnc, for instance, can do the job). And get rid of those bastard players. :Z :wink:

Check out the video encoders, tools section, at
There is a specific converter for *.RAM , IIRC, which could output something DivX to DVD can accept if other methods fail. The app will handle AVIs and MPEGs for certain.

There are also a multitude of tutorials for various tools. You’ll find, however, that many of them are quite advanced. Good luck. :slight_smile:

[EDIT] Yeah, there are RM converters there. I rarely deal with ASF, but know that some versions of VirtualDub will accept them if all else fails.


It gives me an Access violation when I try to convert my files. They are not in use, any ideas?