How can fragmentation of HD degrade burning performance?

Hi everybody, I have 6 partitions on my 2 hds, one © is 38 gb and on it there are SO and programs, one (J) is 6 gb, just to tranfert files I will burn on dvds or cds
so I need to defragment only 2 partitions (C and J) or even the others? if on J there are files only to fill classical 4,4 gb, other 4 partitions can be completely filled? partition C need to be defragmented, but how many gb of it I need to keep free to make my burner work in the right way
many thanks

Fragmentation can prevent the processor from being able to fill the buffers quickly enough to ensure a continuous flow of data to the burner. Also, the performance of some applications, such as the most recent version of Nero, is affected by the amount of system RAM you have. In both cases, the space needed will depend on the burning application; also you don’t say what proportion of your HDDs is filled already.

Copying data from one partition to another on the same physical drive can be relatively time-consuming. As a couple of general hints, since you have two physical drives, it’s better to have the burning application workspace on a different physical drive from the actual program and the information you want to burn (eg if Nero is installed on C:, then set the workspace physically elsewhere. In addition, defragmenting the data prior to burning can help.

If you haven’t already got defragmentation software, then the freeware ‘Power Defragmenter GUI’ uses the ‘Contig.exe’ app from SysInternals to defrag single files, and is very fast.

Thanks for reply,
I know what fragmentation is (usually I use diskeeper, but I will try O&O and perfect disk) and that it can slow down my pc for some applications, but I don’t know how many files I have to delete from C to have enough free space to burning
I have 1,25 gb of RAM, pentium 4 2,4 gh and usually I use Nero 5, but maybe I will update it or use gear pro, nero is on C, a different partition and different disk than J, where I store files before burning them on dvd, time to spend to move files it’s not a problem
so assuming I will have to defragment C and J:

  1. can I fullfill others partitions? I need to defragment even these ones?
  2. space on J is 6 gb, are enough to move all the files to fullfill a normal dvd (so more than 1,5gb will be free)?
  3. if C is 38 gb and it’s defragmented, is enough to leave on it 3 or 4 gb free? what’s the limit to be sure not to compromise burning?

thank you and best regards

Well personally I have had problems anyway when a system HDD gets below 10% space remaining. On top of that, the workspace needed by a program like Nero can vary according to the tasks (for example it needs more space if there’s re-encoding to be done before the actual burning).

Can I ask whether you are actually having problems with burning, or is this just a theoretical query?

I have a 5 years old ricoh 5125 burner, I have tested that some of most recent burning have a lot of pi and pif and even some audio cd get problems, so now I want to change burner, but my query is general, in future i just want to be sure to do the best possible, because very often my hds are full and I need to back up something to get space

If I understand your setup correctly, then:[ol]
[li]freeing up 4 GB on your system HDD[/li][li]using J to store your files to be burned[/li][li]setting the Nero workspace also to J[/li][/ol]…should help.

If you are doing any file re-encoding though, or want to burn DL discs, then a new HDD might be essential.