How can debro get one of these?

Let’s play a game! :bigsmile:

How can I lay my hands on one of these without the international shipping (to australia) costing twice the price of the actual product? :slight_smile:

Ermm … find them down under? They even sell these in Greece :rolleyes:

But then again my brain might be marinating in sump oil! (loved the option :slight_smile: )

I know!
I can find them everywhere except australia!

I’ve found several places that would be glad to ship to australia, but only by fedex! The PSU costs $80-90US, the shipping costs $150US. Hmmmm!

USPS costs about $55US, which I’d be more than glad to pay!

Will Antec ship to Australia, since Antec is probbaly far more reasonable a product than this one anyone, especially given the price of this one to begin with, you can get a True Power Antect 550W for that price man.

Check it out, just a suggestion.

I have. The antec truepowers have been quoted as “a little loud for my liking” often. This ones practically silent at under 26db’s :slight_smile: Woot! :slight_smile:

The antec’s I can get here already, for an exorbitant price though :wink:

I still question how US prices can be 50% less than OZ prices (after accounting for australias pitiful current economic state). Oz must have rediculous amounts of tariffs and taxes on these items :expressionless:

I just paid ($185au) $130US equiv for a ($140) $99US power supply in australia. Seems like the only way to buy bulky items in australia is to be ass-raped by aussie merchants :frowning:

Antec TrueControl (truepower + external Voltage Controls) 550W power supply.

I guess this will get my dual WDJB’s running again :wink:

I can’t believe they suck sooo much juice on startup!