How can Backup a DVD movie to play in a DVD Player?

Hi :
Who can help me please:

How can I make a Backup from a DVD movie to play in in my Home theather DVD player and non in a DVD PC Player?

I used a DVD shrink sotware and created a backup but the result is a DVD, that can only play in my PC, and in my Home theather DVD player DOESN’T WORK.

Please help me can I do that.

Thanks very much.

what brand, and how old is your Home theather DVD player ? what type of DvD disc did you record the copied DvD to ? dvd-r, +r/rw ?

Yes, Tony, you can do that. What type of media your standalone DVD Player is capable of playing (DVD-R, DVD+R)? First, you have to have an answer to this question.
To backup a DVD in a very easy, cost effective way is with DVDShrink, that is for free. You can download it here: and download Nero (Demo) from this very site also. Set DVDShrink to burn with Nero.

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with your burn is nothing wrong, it seems that your standalone dvd player is not able to read the type of disks you are using. you can check the media compatibility over at .
What disks (+R/-R) and what burner are you using? bitsetting is maybe a way to solve your problem with compatibility.

Hi :
My Standalone Player is a Panasonic dvd rv32, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R,
DVD+RW, comaptible.
I Used a media dvd TDK DVD+R 4.7Gb up to 4X.
I used DVD Shrink 3.2 soft,the region in DVD shrink was set-up to US.
I used Nero 6, and burn it with 4x speed.

The DVD burned came out without subtitles.
I can play it in my pc only.
I can not play in my stand alone DVD Player.
I burned dvd movie The passion of Christ, that its audio is in foreing language,
with subtitles in English.


you burned to tdk +r ? bitsetting/booktype could be the cause of the playback issue. what dvd burner is on your pc ?
my dvd shrink might help

I can eloborate on this problem a little. I, also, have a panasonic DVD-RV32. This unit plays ALL DVD+R movie backups that I have created w/ DVD Shrink & DVDXCOPY Platinum WHEN I burn them w/ my older 2.4x NEC dvd burner. They will not, however, play in my Sony DVP-NS575P. When i attempt to burn the same brand of media w/ my Plextor 16x burner, they will not work in my panasonic DVD-RV32 at all, but they will work in my Sony DVP-NS575P dvd player. I have tried SEVERAL things. Who has the magic answer to help me solve this incompatibilty problem?
Some details to help:
I have tried w/ and w/o using Nero as my burn engine.
i have tried about 5 different brands of media to include Sony, memorex, Fuji.
I have tried the “bitmapping” thing
I have tried the “30mm” thing
The Panasonic was manufactured in 2002.
To the best of my knowledge, everything is set the same for both drives.


Complex question, more than one device is involved (that is too many;) ), so my suggestion would be:

  1. Try to use different software, like AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 (
  2. Use a Taiyo Yuden -R media and burn @ 2x or 4x only.

Check the result in all of your devices and we can discuss it.

You guys are making this way to complicated use a DVD-R And it WILL work.


I agree - I have been using Ritek 8x -R’s for some time and have yet to find a player that will not play them-


To even make it more complicated. Sorry, but i have the same Panasonic dvd rv32 and it works fine with the DVD+R’s i burn with my NEC 2510, NEC 3500 and my BenQ 1620. I use AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 (all recent versions as of today)to burn with. Fuji TY02’s, Teon CMC MAG E01’s, Verbatim 8x MCC003’s, Verbatim 16x MCC004’s, and Ricohjpnr01’s. Some are booktyped to DVD-ROM and some are just DVD+R’s and they all play. Not sure what’s going on.

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Check Dee & Liggy’s thread (I think it’s in the new thread) Got some kick ass tests posted in there with them.

yup…don’t clutter your head with too much facts about bitsetting. keep it simple and get DVD-R’s, use dvdshrink and it will work. I have a very old Pioneer standalone DVD player (way BEFORE dvd burners were introduced) and it plays the DVD-R backups I made thru shrink, surprisingly. BTW i’m using Fujifilm DVD-R 8x ProdiscF01

Hey kaithoy523…

Where were your FUJI -R disks made??? Japan or Taiwan??? And what color is the bottom of the tub?