How burn large data files to DVD+R?

What, exactly, do I do in order to burn a large data file, about 4 GB, onto DVD+R in Nero 6. I get pop-ups saying to use UDF compilation, but I do not see in Nero Help how to do that.

Actually, the same problem arises with data files a bit bigger than 2 GB.

[I had no problem doing this before with Stomp Record Now Max. I just dragged the file(s) and it did it!]

When you start a new compilation - just select DVD-UDF instead of DVD-ISO.
It is explained somewhere, not sure if it was in the help file or the manual. Basically it says ISO won’t do more than 2 GB.

I didn’t see any DVD-UDF (or for that matter, DVD-ISO) because I had not noticed the little box – above the column with those choices – where one chooses either CD or DVD! “Duh!” (I had always used the wizard before.)


  1. Open NERO 6
  2. If the wizard launches press “esc”
  3. Choose “New compilation”. Here you have several options to choose from. Choose UDF (Which is located at the bottom of the options listes at the left side of NERO)
  4. Choose if you want a multisession or not (This choice doesnt matter in relation to you problem)
  5. Drag the large file onto your open new compilation (e.g. the right pane)
  6. Push the burn icon

I tried this in order to check wether i would have any problems - it worked for me

Best Regards Jorn