How burn data on dvd+r with nero

how burn data on dvd+r with nero
what i mean is what should is select should i go into cd or dvd side
like in dvd side there is options for dvd video etc and cd burning options have data cd audio etc. i have burned data cd on 700mg but not on dvd+r
is there guide, instructions, links how to do this

just select the dvd tab and then choose dvd-rom(iso), and there you go and go about how you would normally do it with a cd. <----i’m guessing your not using the wizard and the manual option,

i have done what u told me but when i try to open the dvd-r it freezes my system. One time i was able to play one song( i am backing my mp3s) i just played for 29 second and then stops is it cause i am burning on dvd-r not on dvd+r on cd we usually burn at cdrom iso any clues thanks

have a look HERE , although you would choose your DVD recorder from the dropdown


I have the exact same problem (which most likely is a user problem)
but I was under the impression DVD has 4.7 Gig free space,
so why does it always write it as a CD disc (with 700Meg of space)?

In the picture of above link you see it at the bottom : 700 meg
but I want to put 4 gig of mp3s on the disc! that’s why I bought the thing! :frowning:

so just choosing create data disc always gives 600megs!
can’t I create a data dvd disc with 4gig?


Sven, you’re probably using the CD-ISO compilation window while you need to choose DVD-ISO compilation. If you’re using Nero Express you can press the Nero button which will start up Nero instead, here you can choose DVD and then a new ISO compilation. This will give you 4.4GB of free space.


I am using nero 6 and in th eupper right corner I can choose CD or DVD.
When chosen DVD I can choose data disc and itopens a window with a cd with 600 meg free.
Also after I created a datadisc, it says it cannot access this disc anymore.
Also sometimes he says that it is write protected??? A new empty DVD write protected?? I think my pc has went berserk on me!
Also I only have 2 cd devices (one dvd and one hp cd writer) but in explorer I now see a dvd drive, cd drive and a dvd-r drive (sometimes even one more)
maybe these are virtual discs no idea.

very strange shit indeed :confused: