How big is your movie collection?

About how many DVD movies do you own?


i don’t know if this thread deserves a " :cop: "

the cop smilies are generally reserved for pirates and other scum haha.

this is certainly in the wrong forum though. This belongs in the Living Room.

they should add a pirate smily…just a littl eyellow guy with a bandana and an eyepatch. I think that would be appropriate for this forum haha

I don’t know !!! But I will do a full Audit and post back!!!

I don’t think you’ll get the right answers here!

500 originals!

Why , what’s it to you , are you a cop … lol :doh:

DVD?? Wtf is that??

are you with the F.B.I. or something? :rolleyes:

“They” tell us we don’t own them,we just have the right to view them :stuck_out_tongue:

Too many to list. :rolleyes:

I just bought a few more this past weekend…YES i bought them…
Cold Mountain
Diary of a Mad Black Woman
Napolean Dynamite…

there’s nothing wrong with buying movies…

Ha Ha Ha…he’s Part Of The Alphabet Boys…i Ain’t Telling You Nothing Pig!!!

Wow somebody knows that movie. I recently bought it too… it’s just sooo much fun! I almost got me a “Vote for Pedro” shirt :slight_smile:

anyhow… I guess I own about 50 originals now… never really counted…

Originals ? Including bootlegs, Asian imports, USA imports and anyone else with a decent cover? Err, a whole lot.

It’s not the size thats important it’s the quality of the films :slight_smile:

If you have everything, it’s your own choice that is only important.

I’ve never counted my collection. Two book case full and ever expanding.

About 200 movies, plus 50 or so concerts, 30 documentaries, Imax and National Geographics. I wish all the vcr tapes I have were dvds.