How big is your gmail account?



Has everybody else’s account space been on the increase lately? After they bumped it up to 2 gigs, my megabyte count keeps going up on a daily basis. Not alot, few megs here and there. Its at 2143MB right now. Funny thing is, no matter how many things I archive, I always stay at 2%. It’s like, it keeps increasing my storage the more that I archive.


Around the 2 gigs for every gmail account i have (about 7)


But do they keep increasing in size like mine?

I hope nobody will quote that. :slight_smile:


You got it. And my Gmail is 2143 megs too :slight_smile:


Lmao, somehow, I knew you would do something like that :bigsmile:


is this a complaint??? :wink:


Look at the front page of GMail, they have a little counter of the increasing MB.


No not a complaint at all, even though I will probably never use all of it.




2143 megabytes :slight_smile:


2145 MB




You are currently using 0 MB (0%) of your 2145 MB.


2145mb on all my accounts, wife’s, and sons’ (yes I’m prepared ;)).


Ok well, I’m not alone then. I just thought it was curious that it kept increasing.


I like it . . .


if you look at the main Gmail page you will see a counter going up


Look up in the thread, I just said that!


2147 Mb


I was so certain that it was an aprils fools joke. Or it could still be, I am not convinced until I see someone actually maxing out their account :stuck_out_tongue: