How big is your ... err

Media Stash!

Wait, wait, wait We’ve already done that one … no … this one is totally non-media related … well, maybe a little …

Something has just fallen into my hands. It’s big, real big, not the biggest around, but still pretty big. I just couldn’t wait to get home and play with it.

I am of course, talking about a shiny new 500GB SATA HD. What did you think I was I was talking about.
Come on people, minds out of the sewer & back in the gutter where it belongs.

Since I’ve given Windows the Flick, I thought I might move my OS to the fastest HD in my machine, being of course the shiny new 500GB HD, not to imply that it’s been polished or anything :stuck_out_tongue:

First things first, partition it in the usual way, move all my home documents across … shouldn’t be more than a few hundred MB’s, right?

All was going well … until … I realised it was taking slightly longer than it should of … maybe it’d hung … Wrong … I knew it was a bad idea to install UT 2K4 into my home directory, not to mention the security issues … that said … My /home directory blew out to a massive 27GB’s, what with the occasional DVDrip, coversion and/or etc floating around.


So how big is your /home folder?

Those of you that remain part of the microsoft Borg may report the size of your “My Documents” folder instead, although it’s not a true indication, since microsoft feels the need to put things anywhere and everywhere, depending on which direction the wind is blowing today :wink:
And don’t unhide those hidden files in Vista, because you’ll find some nasty looking directories hiding in your default “My Documents” directory.

My Documents currently at 692 MB.

None of my business related files, music files, video files, or pics of nude dragons are in that directory, and I’m keeping it tight for backup purposes.

If I were to count files that other people would have in their /home or My Documents, which I have on other partitions, it would be > 100 GB.

P.S. I chose another title for my post. :stuck_out_tongue:

%appdata% is more an equivalent to /home :wink:

Ummm…My Docs is 14.7 GB :o

It’s where DVDFab by default stores any ISOs…and I’ve been too lazy to clear them out :eek:

And in its infinite wisdom, Microsoft made sure to have two Application Data folders; one directly under \Documents and Setting<username> and one under \Documents and Setting<username>\Local Settings\ .

Every piece of software must thus toss a coin to decide where to put its own application data! :stuck_out_tongue:

I partition my drive to a 30GB C:\ then the rest for storage so my My Documents is pretty small, I keep important documents on a separate drive.

I have 2x320GB and 1x750GB Seagate SATA II drives

Hmmm. %appdata% is “/Documents and Settings/<username>”. (Just klick “Start”, “Run”, Type “%appdata%”.) Not to be mixed up with folders named “Application Data”. :wink:
Btw: The latter of your list is only used by some M$ software.



C:\>cd %appdata%
C:\Documents and Settings\Roar\Application Data>

Btw: The latter of your list is only used by some M$ software.
There’s also stuff by Adobe, Ahead (Nero), Apple Computer, ACD Systems, Google, Sun and TechSmith in C:\Documents and Setting&lt;username>\Local Settings\Application Data.

I still think the coin toss theory could be true! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you count all the stuff that’s under your C:\Documents and Setting&lt;username> folder, then you’re also counting the entire Internet Explorer cache and Java cache as well as probably FireFox cache etc. I don’t know if similar caches go under /home on a Linux system because I haven’t really used Linux for a while.

My God Debro…what have you started :bigsmile:

I was wrong there.
That should be [B]%userprofile% [/B]
(Indeed, it contains all kinds of temporary files including browser caches etc., too)

apologies for any confusion,

du -h $HOME
22G /home/skelton

my /home is 3.9gb
My Documents is 5.2gb…time to clean it out again…at one point it was 30gb :eek: :o it’ll never get that out of hand again :disagree:

Just cleaned My Docs out…got it down to 3.25GB (there’s one ISO left in there to burn, then that’s gone too).

That’s better :iagree:jwill’s remark about letting it get out of hand spurred me into action :bigsmile:

My desktop, OTOH…now that is a mess.

Ooooooppppppppppsssssssssssss. :o
134.6 GByte.

2x 400Gb + 8GB pocket portable

I’ve been so terrible about keeping my desktop neat lately :o my desktop is probably bigger than My Docs right now :o …on second thought I know it is bigger, I have a few dvd images floating around on the desktop :doh:

@Dee :eek::eek::eek:

ROTFLMAO…that’s brilliant :clap: :bigsmile:

@jwill - phew, glad I ain’t the only one with a cluttered desktop :eek:…I’ve got everything from firmware updates to pictures to DVDFab/Lightscribe updates on there :eek:

Seems, you need a bigger monitor :bigsmile:



My Documents is only 2.18GB. I dont really put anything in there, most of that space used is due to games adding folders in there for profiles and saves.