How Big is your .. err .. Stash!

It’s not what you’ve got … it’s how you use it!

Go on, Tell everyone what you’ve got under the table … we all know you just want to want to whip it out and show everyone how big it is.

Ooooooh … Woooooowwwww!

Disclaimer:Inspired by the latest few posts in the “whacha bought lately” thread …

How big is your stash?

Bragging rights for those with a media stash that costs more than their actual PC :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine first …
A lowly 350ish of TYG (01/02/03) media or TY & OEM TY branded media.
approx 50ish of T (02/03) TY branded media.
approx 50ish MCC003/04 branded media.
approx 40ish iomega (b-grade) MCC004 media.
approx 100 of mixed TY & MCC CDR media.

Approx 30ish of miscelleneous media including Sony, MCC001, MKM001 & a few ancient 16x CDr’s samsung/ritek & a few DVD+/-RW, some even by ritek(lol).

about 10 left Sony 8x YUDEN000T02
30 Verbatim 16x MCC004 Lightscribe discs
12 Verbatim 2.4x MKM001 DL discs
50 Imation 8x MBIPG101R04 (my burnes LOVE these)

and UPS will be bringing me 100 Verbatim 8x MCC003s on Tuesday.

about 200 discs total…nothing special by any means.


175 - TY 8x +R

250 - Ricoh 4x +R

150 - Verbatim 8x +R

200 - TY 8x -R

50 - Verbatim 16x -R

50 - Verbatim 4x +RW

35 - Verbatim 8x -R

35 - Maxell 8x -R

Definitely running low - must restock soon-eh!!


about twelve inches or i’m sorry I thought you were talking about somehting else.

I started to go with counting each or guesstimating what I have but a picture is much better and easier. This is all I could fit on the table and have about this much again still in boxes. Needs lots of different media to do a review also. Jan70, Dee-27 or Zevia’s stash would probably dwarf mine. Not really sure how much I have but I have enough for now.:bigsmile:

Oh you’re so Noir! Nothing white is a foot long, unless it’s a foot :stuck_out_tongue:

Bloody hell ! crossg, what do you do with all that media ? WHy would ANYBODY need as much media ? (for legit use that is :D)

I still have some spindles from years ago.

I have 1 x FUJIFILM 100PCS DVD+R 8x (RITEKR03) Not bad!
2 x MAXELL DVD+R MIJ (RICOHJPNR02) a few MEMOREX RICOHJPNR01 (ah the good old days :D)

and of course a spindle of 100 PCS Taiyo Yuden DVD+R.

My old pre 2004 batch of MAXELL RITEKs are EXCELLENT discs (RITEKR03) and produce excellent scans and have not degraded.

I actually have so much, I had to quit storing it on shelves and put a bunch in big plastic tubs. Pic 1 and 2 are tubs of dvd media, pic 3 is a little I keep handy on the shelf (there are also a dozen or so spindles floating around the house, on the computer desk etc), pic 4 is a 50 pack next to the tubs to show how big they are. All this media is dvd. Pic 5 is what little cd I have left (I don’t burn much cd anymore)mixed with a bunch of other crap. Fyi the shelf in pic 3 used to be completly full of dvd media, front to back, top to bottom, but it got so full I got tired of spindles falling off the shelves so I used the plastic tubs. I dont think I even dare try to count how much of what is there but there is lots of ricohjpnr01, cmcmageo1, and mcc, some maxell003, a little ty, some sony (sony media code) and who knows what else.

Jeses!! what do you burn with that amount of media??

ive got 150 T02 discs, 30 verb TY cd’s, and 24 mkm 001 dl’s.

Actually not much writables left. I usually purchase them with my groceries :slight_smile:
The amount of already written “stash” is in the thousands.

down to 20 sony yuden t02’s
got approx 250 TYG02’s and odds and ends of crap

I started advising a guy on media, firmware and burners over 6 months ago in another forum, refered him to the bargain basement, got him to do a quickee crossflash and start scanning. About fainted the other day when he admitted he had stocked 1000
tyg02/3’s and 500 yudens. Looking for tyg01’s, but got into it too late.

thats my whole problem is I don’t burn enough anymore. There have been some great deals that I stocked up on (6 50’s of verbatim 16x when they were 9$ with coupon at office max), 4 packs of printable verb 16x when micro center had them for 18$, 2 50 packs of maxell003 printable when office depot had them for 18$, 8 or so 50 packs of staples e01 when they were 6$, several hundred ricohjpnr01 when they started to become so scarce that I though I might not find anymore. On top of that, I just buy a pack here and there when a good sale comes along. Its amazing how much you can acumulate that way over a few years. I pretty much consider dvd’s desposable. I might have a 50 meg file I need to give someone and I’ll burn it to a dvd. I’m slowly making my way through them but it seems some super deal is always coming along and I buy another pack.

My, what big stashes you have, crossg and ripit :bow:

I already answered this, and I’m feeling too lazy to repeat myself. Maybe I’ll copy’n’paste in a bit :slight_smile:

Most I’ve had at any one time is around 700 discs and currently down to around 250. God I feel inadequate after seeing the stash ripit has :bow:

i have about 1.5 grams left of my … err… i have about 85 8x ty+r’s and 22 mcc 02rg20’s… oh yeah and about 4 cmc mag e01’s

500 TDK02 (Unbranded)
400 CMCAF01 (Unbranded)
200+ MCC004 (Verbatim MII)
100+ MCC004 (Verbatim MIT)
50+ TYG03 (Silver printable)
300 (Verbatim Pastel cdr)
100 (Scribbles cdr :wink: Can’t seem to find use for them)
100+ TY cdr (Silver printable)
50+ TY cdr (White printable)
40+ (Mediastar/TY cdr)

Then a few 100 assorted datawrite and other crap dvdr+cdr

I suddenly feel like i’m short of discs - gotta get some more soon … :wink:

Where do you live and when will you be away? :wink:

This reminds me of this old thread:
There are also some pics of very old cdr’s on page 2.

@adict2jane - ah, the Wall O’ Media…yeah, that sprang to my mind when I saw this thread, too :iagree:

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