How big is DVD Decrypter version

I downloaded this program and it was only 878KB. I am blown away how small this program actually is.

Is this the full version or just a demo?

878K full :iagree:

great things can come in small packages :slight_smile:

Yeah, there was no demo version. Just the freeware version which has now been discontinued. Version is the final version of this software.
The author has been developing a similar tool called Imgburn which is essentially DVD Decrypter without the CSS capabilities. The development continues on the burning engine through Imgburn.


Never fails to amaze me what one can do with such a small package as DVDdecrypter-eh!


I’m more impressed by µTorrent… Fully functional bittorrent client that’s 89k.

But 848k for all that DVD Decrypter does is pretty wonderful, too.

Was sad day :frowning: