How big is big enough for you?

The biggest display device I have ever used is these 29-inch monitor/TVs. I have three of them and the combined cost of the three was under US$800 including 10% VAT and shipping. This costs at least over US$100,000.

Sometimes the TVs for display on CES and such shipped across the Pacific are stolen right before the show. So the companies prepare at least one more for each. Samsung makes jokes saying the 102-inch TV’s too big for the industry spies or thieves to steal. I guess it can’t fit the small cars shown in the movie The Italian Job.

This place I live in has an area of about 8 meter by 7 meter, excluding the parking place which is of no use for us anyway since I don’t have or drive a car except wheelchairs but including the balconies that occupy about half of the indoor apartment which makes the biggest room size just about 2m x 3m. My father-in-law lives in a place of about 30m x 40m though most of the place is for rent. I pay about US$200 for the place on a monthly basis whereas he receives thousands to tens of thosands for his place.

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When I started in the call centre of the company I’m working for, each of us had 3x 21" displays in triple-head configuration. Going from that to a single 17" when I moved into the technical stream was really hard.

15 inches minimum.
17 & 19 are ok, but 21 inches is preferred.

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That 102" is not for sale. They had it on G4TechTV and it’s the only one of it;s kind. They are not in production.

I run a 21" for this machine, 17 would be about as small as I could stand now. My sister has a Dell flat 17" I got for 2 bucks cuase the thing had been dropped and the case was cracked :slight_smile: Works like new.
I just got a Toshiba 34" wide screen HD monitor for home tv/movie watching, it’s pretty awesome especially on the Progressive scanned DVD’s it upconverts to 540p :bigsmile: or 1080I

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It’s for sale though that one on display is not for sale but for display purpose only. Both 80-inch and 102-inch are being mass-produced. I’m not sure if it’s already started or will start in a few days.

I was also a little surprised Samsung’s starting the mass production of 102-inch TV this early. But LG is catching up as well though LG hasn’t announced anything over 100-inch yet. LG will probably soon announce something a little bigger than 102-inch. LG’s also soon to release a 7-megapixel camera phone since Samsung got ahead of LG by starting selling 5-megapixel phone already. The camera in the 5-megapixel phone is not that good compared to the ones I already have, but the LCD’s something I could like a lot.

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Anything over 17" is fine for my pc.
As for tv’s… the bigger the better.

For me who moves very often, big, slim, light all matter a lot. Of course, the most important factor is image quality. Even the 102-inch TV has a resolution of just 19201080, not something like 76804320.

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