How big is a standard movie

Do they fit on a standard 4.7 DVD or is the DL DVD needed for the whole movie of the DVD, no extra features as in the Gag reel and the Makeing of the Movie.

if you’re talking about only the main movie, it could go either way.

On average how big in MB is a Movie on DVD just the movie

it is completely dependent on the movie and there is no commonly agreed to average. i’ve had entire films (just the movie) be anywhere from 3.8GB to 7.6GB.

is there a specific reason you’d like to know an average? perhaps if you elaborated on your situation/context, we could provide you with a more sufficient answer.

Average means nothing, it is just a exercise in mathematics.
If the main movie cannot fit on 4.7GB SL DVD, you have to take action, ie, shring or split.

I have seen movies 8GB for the main movie title. and there are 1GB movies, so if the average is 4.5GB, what does it mean?

The main video track for an average 2 hr movie is around 4 to 5 GB. In general, you can store about 105 to 120 min of 0% compression video and AC 3/6 audio to a single DVD-5 disc. I usually split longer movies >135 min.

Can you fit, say a 5.3GB movie (entire DVD) on a SL 4.7GB Blank DVD?? IF so, how can it be done? Thanks for the help!

You must shrink it using a process called transcoding.
Freeware program DVD Shrink will do it, as do other free and paid programs.

There is some loss in quality, but it is actually minimal and undetectable for 5.3GB -> 4.7GB