How best to add a new drive to WinXP?

I’ve got winXP SP2 running on a 300g Seagate drive, partioned 50/50 into two drives, both with NTFS on them.

I now want to add in another drive, a 200g Maxtor and I’m seeking advice as to options and best course.

Both SATA drives.

It’s now in the machine and recognised by the BIOS and by Windows disk management but doesn’t show up in the explorer because it is not yet initialised.

  1. I read another thread here where the poster advised against using windows dynamic disk management tools. I was all set to go ahead using Windows disk management but this new ‘dynamic disk’ stuff seems to be the only option now.
    Is there some problem with this? Should I avoid letting windows set up this drive for me?

  2. If I don’t do it with the built in Windows tools, how do I do it - i.e. what else will recognise and format drives of this size?

  3. I didn’t really want the NTFS on the boot partition of my system drive, XP just did it to me or I failed to see the option when presented. What thoughts does anyone have about having an NTFS boot partition? It’s a good idea? Bad idea? Doesn’t matter?

  4. I’m really thinking of swapping them around and have the new one as a 200g system disk and the old one as 300g of data space. Would this be a hassle to do? Would it be a weak setup - given XP can’t see 200g until SP2 ?


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Hi, just a few remarks:

  1. Don’t make a dynamic disk, there should be a “standard” option.
  2. Partition Magic etc. would do it. You can also download a bootable diskette/cd image from Maxtor to help install the new drive.
  3. NTFS is the only good choice for your XP and other partitions. FAT32 is a remnant from Win95/98/Me days.
  4. If you clone the XP partition to the new drive, you may lose your activation because of too many hardware changes.

I’ve initialized and/or partitioned at least 5 new HD’s using windows xp, and have had no problems at all. I do extensive photo and video editing too.

Thanks for the responses, guys.

I’ve downloaded Maxblast for windows and installed the drive with it. I was intrigued to note a message from maxblast telling me that support for drives greater than 137g wasn’t fully enabled and asking me if I wanted to correct this.
It then went ahead and made registry changes.

This is how Windows left the registry after installing my 300g Seagate? With size support not fully enabled?

I don’t really know, do I? It might be the Maxtor prog that’s at fault.

But I’m very wary of MS…

I’ve left everything as it is and I’ll go with it and see what happens. My worries about unseeable NTFS drives are needless and a hangover from years ago I think. Nowadays I’d simply whack in another winXP sp2 system disk to enable taking a look at any failing ntfs drive. So I suppose there’s nothing to worry about.

I do a bit of video editing, too. And probably I should do some photo editing in the interestes of making better slide shows to put in my dvd’s, too. So as a matter of interest could I ask what software you find best for the work?


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