How best I burn this DVD please with Nero


I am wanting to use on a Portable DVD player that definitely plays Divx a few different types of files.

I have folders named as such in thsi 3.5GB file selection I want to burn…

MP3 files 1 (with MP3 files)
MP3 files 2
MP3 files 3
Audio (with other MP3 files in it)
CSS Tutor (with divx.avi files that work on desktop)
Video ( With more divx.avi video)
Olympix ( many jpg files)

I use Nero 8 and whilst it burns just divx avi files okay which the player reads and all the rest separately , I can’t get it to read when i have them all on the selection.

I have burnt as a DVD Data multi session and NO multi session but the player says… unknown disc.

What am I doing wrong?


I think that the wrong step was to burn a multisession DVD. For what I know, multisession is not working for DVD discs, but only for CDs.

Oh That’s what it is! Thanks