How bad is this burn?



Hello folks,

A few people out there will recognize me from having problems getting any +R media to burn without giving me errors in random spots on the blanks.

Anyhow, I updated my nero to the latest and tried burning a Maxell 002 blank. I did not get any errors on this burn! Woohoo! However, the burn looks pretty good, but I’d like a second opinion. The PI failure count seems rather high from what I’ve read it should be.

Thanks in advance,


looks ok…your PIF and PIE max are low…jitter also is good


It’s an excellent burn. I’ve seen (slightly) better, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with this one.

It’s also a typical scan for MAXELL002 media. Here are two of my scans of the same media, hot off the press.


Its hard to really tell until you burn a full disc. Those scans look fine though.