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Hey,I was wondering if anybody new of a util that checks to see whether or not all the data on a cd is still good. I recently got a playstation game in the mail and it was dmaged in shipping. So I need a ultility to check to see if the cd’s I got are sctrached too badly to use. The thing is, the game loads and everything and plays fine for like the first 10 minutes,which is all I’ve played of it. but there is a big scratch on it and I think the game might just not be able to load data at a later point in the game. Now as I don’t have play the whole game through,I was wondering if there were a util uut there to verify the validity and readablity of all the data on the disc. It’s not a cd-r ,it’s a real playstationg disc too,if that matters at all. Thanks in advance


sorry about all the typos and stuff in that earlier message…the place where it doesn’t make sense should read as I don’t have time to play the whoel game through…sorry again


You can alway try to write an image with Nero, CDRWin, Discjuggler, etc…

The programs report it if there where unreadable sectors found on the cd…


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If you use cdrwin, don’t forget to set the “Read retry count” on 5 or so (default=0) for scratchy cd’s. If an error on the disc is found during the image build, the program retries x times to re-read the block


yeah… the best thing to do is use a cd writer program… that should say if it has any problems…id use something unstable like EZcd creater… taht way you will know if it has the slightest trace of data damage.