How bad caN THE ERROS bE?

i FINALLY got my 48xw Liteon. I burned a Audio cd at 48x(smartburn off with nero with Imation 32x Cds…i did a media check, and it showed 13.85%Damaged(yellow) 000%Unreadable(red) and 86.15% readable(green)…the cd was 79 minutes of audio. Are these stats ok, considering i burned at 48x on 32x media? I tried the last tracks and they sound fine. What should i be looking for(erros) i dont have any skips etc… Is it noticable, or what difference, can someone clarify this abit… By the way…theres a new firmware for Liteon 48125W, was released 6/18, i updated my drive to the latest firmware before i did the test audio cd.

well by the looks of things this is pertty much normall since you burned at 48x on 32x media.

im not to sure if it messes with audio quality or not but in general that disk should be fine for tha most part :slight_smile:

This is how I would rate it:

100% good = perfect
95,00-99,99% good (no unreadable) = acceptable
94,99% and lower percentage good (No unreadable) = bad
More than 0,00% unreadable sectors = unacceptable.