How bad are these? MID?
I believe that the word would be " THEY SUCK" lol.
I don’t think there’s any other brand on dl than Verbatim, that makes optimal burns.
It seems to be made by Ricoh… 2nd layer must be very spiky

Ricoh code can mean anything these days.

  • Ricoh made.
  • OEM (Ritek or MBIL)
  • Hongkong stuff that abuses the code.

thats the 2.4x version

the one in my link is 8x

Same bull, must be very identical to TDK dvd+r DL 8x
They’ll work, but u wont have results like Verbatim, 380PIF total, thats excelent…

Probably fake Ricoh media, I think


i called the the store asking for the info. First they didn’t know what MID is. Then they told me that mid is Matrix.

After explanation, I was told that they can’t reveal that information, that its confidential.

“We could tell you the media code, but then we’d have to kill you before you can leak it to CDFreaks!” :cool:

They must suck ass loool.
I’m very happy with Verbatim 2.4x face printable :slight_smile: They work great on Xbox 360.