How bad are the DVD read ability and noise levels of the NEC 2500a?

I’ve read that the DVD read ability of the NEC 2500a is so-so.

Does this simply mean that it takes longer to read a badly scratched DVD or that it can’t read scratched DVDs that other drives can read? Or does it mean that it’s ability to decrypt DVDs (DVD Decrypter) is slower / can’t than other drives?

What about noise levels during playback of DVDs?

I haven’t had any trouble at all with the read ability of my NEC 2500a. I’ve only come across one disc that was badly scratched that it wouldn’t read, but my Lite-On 167 wouldn’t read that disc either.

As far as noise goes, I would rate it a very quiet drive…Its the quietest burner I have ever owned…of course almost all my burners before this one were Lite-On’s and they have been known to be on the loud side.

Do you think it’s quiet enough to use in a dedicated HTPC (DVD playback noise levels, not rip noise levels)?

I would surely think so.

Hmm… so far my 2500a have no reading problem accept on very very low quality and cheap disk…

Hi amadeo:

Are you referring to burned DVD+/-Rs?

If so, any problems with very scratched (e. g. rental) DVDs?

I personally have not had any problems with the few pressed DVDs I have used in my 2500A. However, it does not read back the DVD-R or DVD+R discs it burns very well at all! Nine times out of ten I get errors when performing a verify in Nero - and I only use the best DVD media (Usually Verbatim MCC01RG2, MCC02RG20 or RICOHJPNR01). I don’t have problems reading these disks in other drives , however.

I think my instance of the 2500A is slightly poorer than most in terms of DVD reading, but generally speaking an average 2500A/2510A does have poorer reading abilities than most other DVD writers on the market.

In terms of noise, my NEC drive is pretty quiet. Probably slightly quieter than most other DVD drives I have used.

What is the significance of verify errors in Nero?

Does it mean a DVD ripped from a DVD-R will have actual errors (are they visible?)?

How about DVD ripping from a pressed DVD?

This is the problem!