How Backup Whitout Emulation?

i backup jedy academy (sd2.9) whitout autoplay whit lite-on 52327s whit blindwrite 4.5.7, whit alcohol last version, whit clonecd last version.

whitout hide cd-r tray and whitout any emulation work but only from the reader and other reader but not from writer, this from disk 2.9… why?

any possible to work whitout hide cd-r tray?

safedisk 2.9 and new 3.1 are very strong??

i have try all backup software and anyone copy 1:1 as original…
this possible?.. really? or they ork in a backup software more strong?..
thanks for answer to all!!


since this is a blindwrite forum ill answer your blindwrite questions:

bw 4.5.7 just click off autoplay in the write settings

bw5 you will need to use the bw5tweaker to turn off autoplay and then start blindwrite (for advanced users).

there is no way to not use hide cdr on a cdrw. on a cd reader it should play the game fine IF your backup is good enough.

for safedisk you need a 2 sheep burner to burn with or you will HAVE to use autoplay.

Autoplay doesnt hurt anything on the burn so its not a big deal to leave it on. Unless some copyprotection blacklists it of course…hehe

i guess I will answer alcohol questions and clonecd question. Looks for software police . If you are playing sd 2.9 and safedisc 3.1 games from a burner you have to hide atip information.

To do this in each software it is different:

alcohol = hide media type

clonecd = there little clonecd tray icon ( hide media )

blindwrite = autoplay

if you are going to play game from regular cd rom or a dvd rom then you are not going to need to do any hiding of atip at all .

Also all of what Jamos said needs to be done. Some two sheep burners dont do sd 2.9 or 3.1 correctly though …I have one sheep that does sd 2.9 and 3.1 correctly. Well as far as I know it is one sheep .

i know this, i made a perfect copy of call of duty, but whitour hide-cdr i don’t play from burner? don’t exist a program that do a very 1:1 copy now? (very equal to original)?

a time i was a moderator of clonecd underground forum, i am an expert of protection a copy software but my time in this period is very little for learn all from this new software…

thaks at all for answers, the cd-freaks forum is very very good forum! :wink:

the safedisk 3.1 = 2.9, more or less…

byezzzzz at all! you are great!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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me italian hehhe never lol …and you dont have to salute me .