How aware is Nero of writing DL video content?



How Nero 8 calculates double layer video DVD layer break point?
Does it checks padding and etc and that video and sound are in sync in the layer breaking cell?
If not, I guess it may be a cause of problems for some desktop players.


Why do you want to use something like Nero??

Get Imgburn and the best burn you can get.



I have checked also Imgburn concerning DL video burning.
Imgburn calculator sometimes doesn’t offers any suitable break point and sometimes a whole bunch of possible break points without any explanation.
I have checked also with preview to make right decision, but often these breakpoint are just in the middle of scene and doesn’t make much of sense. That’s when I feel, that as well I could use Nero, without time spent creating an extra ISO.
While imgburn may be a very artful application, it leavesa without exact understanding DL desision making too complicated.

And still - we need another data burning application and for SL video as Imgburn supports only disk images.
Any suggestions, what else to use if not Nero Light or CDburner XP?