How asinine is your forum search

i’ve always found the search restrictions on this site impossible considering how heavily the topic of media burning relies on short abbreviations & anagrams. this last seemingly simplistic search i tried takes the cake, “where to buy 8x dvd+rw”. “buy” is the only term your search will accept. relax the goddamn search restrictions already

We are only using the search engine that this forum software (vBulletin) offers. If it’s not sufficient for you try searching Google with “” as an additional search term.

Relaxing the search terms to 2-letter acronyms will make the search a resource hog, not to mention the number of results that will show up. Alternatively, you can use a 2-letter acronym in combination with a wildcard: where to* buy 8x* dvd+rw*

ps no need to curse

Or just look at/search the Bargain Basement Forum, there are always plenty of good current deals listed there.