How are your New Year's resolutions holding up?



Well, shave my head and call me baldy if it isn’t nearly halfway through the year already.

You all know the answer to this question… those resolutions you made while smashed on New Year’s Eve… how have they held up?

My resolution was to not have so much cocaine this year. I haven’t touched it at all since mid-March. :smiley:


Made none - Broke none. I call that a 100% success rate. Perfection.


Ditto with Womble :slight_smile: :wink:


I can’t remember them. I really should stop (in)toxicating my body :slight_smile:


At the moment, to my surprise, all my resolutions are holding up.


not very good


I guess mines are about 50 - 50, some success at least :slight_smile:


only made 1 and am failing badly, better luck next year.


Bump, also because of this thread


I havnt inhaled anything but air yet.


My diets gone out the window already :eek:


Ben I trust you exluded methane in that statement. :wink:

I resolved not to make any New Year resolutions. A paradox but still, worked for me!


Follow-up: I still can’t remember them :slight_smile:


so far…no sugar and no caffeine!!! i’ll kill someone before the week is over i just know it…(not really but i have a bugger of a headache) as for the other…i’ve not seen anyone to be nice to them…and yes i’ve called my mom and dad …3 times already and i’m on my way back to the hospital to see them !! so far…day 2 and i’m doing ok with them.


Hi :slight_smile:
Just let me know when the new year starts. :rolleyes:


1600X1200 is holding up quite well :wink: