How are your dvd backups holding up?

The discussion in the low speed burning thread got me interested in looking at some of my oldest backups, just to see how well they would scan. I didn’t go through all of them to find the absolute oldest, but picked one I believe was from the first batch of blank dvds I bought. Since I haven’t been at this as long as many of you, this one only goes back to Sept. 2003.

This was a Verbatim 4x dvd burned on an NEC 1300a, probably at 2.4x, since I was being careful with my first attempts.

This particular disk scans very well—I don’t think it has deteriorated at all.

Reading at low speed seems to help much with reading deteriorated dvds.
Do you have anything that can read at 16 x?
When i scan my old dvds at 12x both seem perfect but as soon as i get to 16x the old dvds dont read very well at the end and the new dvds reads perfectly from the start to the end.
I’ve posted a few scans in the thread you mentioned.

The Verbatims have a fairly solid reputation for longevity, and it seems a lot of different mids were kind of in their “heyday” when the 4x production was around. The fact you have a Verbatim (MCC002 4xDVD+R) and the fact you used an NEC 1300 is noteworthy, as I read many good things about the NEC 1300, about how long it lasted, how long it kept burning quality stuff. Plus, you had <250 PIF which is generally regarded as at least very good to excellent (really, it’s excellent when you put it in terms of 8x and 16x results with MCC mids), with very steady jitter, which is also very low. That DVD may last a good 10 years easily. :wink:

I think that might be the best PI scans I’ve ever seen. PIF is excellent also

RITEKG04? :stuck_out_tongue:

My two year old TYG01s are holding up well. I also have a few two year old Ritek G04s that still scan and TRT well.