How are you spending Valentine's Day?

Anyways…another buddy joined us. He was, you guessed it a lawyer, and rolling in it. He does these jobs for bleedin high society busy sueing doctors for messing up surgical enhancements and so on…
Rolling in it…yeah, as I said.
So, it´s like his wedding anniversary…25 years living in the same house with Doreen…had to do something pretty cool and so he said to us, “bought her a Mercedes AND a house in Switzerland…you know, if she doesn´t like the car, she´ll like the house, and if she doesn´t like the house she´ll like the car…I´m cool whichever way it goes”. :cool: :cool: :cool:

Well, I was feeling a bit sorta out done here.
Had to scratch ma head a bit, to keep up with my fancy buddies,…it was like, “yo dudes, y´know, me an my old lady have been doin it for quite a while…” so, yeah, didn´t wanna get all specific about it, so I told the guys about our lil celebration today…Valentino´s Day or whatever, “like Shirley wanted to go out cos it meant something special. Ok, so I figured the Mexican joint wasn´t really up to it this time and an since I ain´t really been workin too much and been in the dogbix a bit lately on account of spendin too much time with the freaksforum an all, sheesh, I booked us in at the Italian place…swanky, talk about the cat´s whiskers man…wow…fat guy playin a fiddle hangin around, and pizza as big as a house. It was great!
Anyways, I´d picked up a few goodies for the Missus…got ém out during the gelatino or whatever…Nice t-shirt and one of them vibrator thingys. Figure if she don´t like the t-shirt she can go f… ehh, anyway…was good coffee there ´n all”. Recommend it…Geno´s Pizzolato or somethin"


You’ll find a nice guy someday…it’ll be worth the wait!!! :flower:

Already posted some scans for the Pio the rest will come as soon as i can get them up and running.

As for the wife now:
I was going to have a dozen red roses sent to Cali for the wife but she’s stuck in Albuquerque,NM with snow so she’s not going to be there. So she will get late delivery in the next few days. I’ll remember this Valentines day. My ex-wifes b-day is today :Z I hate when i type that.


I am personally celebrating two additional years of life-

To explain further - two years ago today (Valentines Day) I contacted walking pneumonia and could not breath - called 911 and in a couple of minutes had six paramedics working on me on my front porch - took me the 20 miles to the hospital (yes-I live in the sticks) - couple of hours in the emergency room then onto intensive care-

Supposed to be in the hospital three weeks - but am released in five days - good recovery coupled with excellent doctor (originally schooled and trained in Romania)-

The biggest reason that I am still here is the fact that I have not smoked for the past two years!!! After many years smoking - I walked away from them “cold turkey” - it was much more important to live than smoke-

So my wife and I will be having a celebratory drink together and toast to life-eh!!

I wish i could. Actually both the wife and i wish we could. Hopefully soon. Thanks for the inspiration.

Keep it up bigmike7 :bow:

@ bigmike7 -

I’m glad you’re okay. That must have been scary!

I quit “cold turkey” also. It was about 1 ½ years ago. I was more of a “social smoker” if that makes any sense. Sometimes I would go weeks without smoking then I would smoke a pack a day for weeks. That went on for many years. Finally I just decided to stop for good and I never looked back. I don’t miss it at all. It was one of the best things I’ve done for myself.

I also smoked the wacky tobacky back then…I quit that at the same time as the cigarettes.

I spent the evening on MSN with someone very special to me. :flower: It’s the closest I could be with someone that I couldn’t actually be with. :frowning:

I think her boyfriend was at work tonight, at least that’s what a little ceiling cat told me :rolleyes:

Little ceiling cats know what they are talking about!

Hey Mike
Congratulations on quitting…I quit too, just about a year ago. Decided to go cold turkey as well cos I don´t like the pussying around ways to quit…where you end up needing therapy to cope with the therapy kind of style.
It worked just fine…I think I felt weird…like psycho-killer weird for two days then no problem. Hardly even remember that I smoked now.
Stick with it buddy.

And to anyone else that wants to quit…the hardest part is deciding to let go…once you´ve done that then you just do it…you “jump”. If you do it that way, it means there is no way back…the smoker doesn´t exist anymore. NEVER pick up a cigarette again.
It could help to find some other obsession…jogging is a common one, but I´d go further…becoming a fitness freak for example, although it is also addictive, but at least it is usually healthy…

´nuff said.

We went to the nearest IKEA and had fights about closets. :slight_smile:

No, really. We did! Looking back on it, it was actually quite fun. We didn’t buy anything and spent the evening playing UNO on the Xbox 360.

Get any nice gifts or buy anything nice for your partner?

We went to EuroDisney last week, which is freaking expensive. So i told her that this was her birthday and valentine present combined. She was very happy about it, my wallet wasn’t. :slight_smile:

I got chocolates from two girls (buy I’m not dating both.)