How are you spending Valentine's Day?

Since these questions aren’t really addressed in the other Valentine’s Day thread and I didn’t want to take it off at a tangent, and I’m nosy…:slight_smile:

How are you spending Valentine’s Day?
Get any nice gifts or buy anything nice for your partner?

Spill the beans :slight_smile:

I got some flowers and a card, hubby is on nightshift though, so i don’t expect much fun today. :wink:

Here’s goes:
My wife is off to Cali to see her hospitalized sister since yesterday so i’m on a burner buying spree while she’s gone :bigsmile: Will make it up to her when she gets back. So basically i’m home with the animals for 2 or 3 weeks waiting for my Valentine :wink:

Awwww Dee that’s really sweet - the flowers, not your hubby being on night shift! I’m sure you two will catch up though :bigsmile:

A burner buying spree! Hey, what better way to pass the time til she returns, rolling56 ;)…“waiting for your valentine”, that’s romantic in itself :wink:

I got some roses, a card, a cuddly stuffed leopard, and some truffle choccies in a heart shaped box :smiley:

Edit: nobody having a romantic night out, since the three of us in theis thread obviously can’t :wink:

I ordered a LG|GSA-H42N-BK,SAMSUNG|SH-S183L,and picked up a Pio 112D last night. I hope they like TY02/03’s

Damn, that’s some consolation buying! I’m impressed :bigsmile:

i’ve got dinner reservations tonight and one extremely hot man :wink: ok so hes just nine months old…but still…there might be a friend to join us…but it depends on if he can get off work in time…

i’ve got the flu and really shouldn’t be out…but its Valentines Day!! and i’ve had these reservations for almost 2 weeks now :wink: i’m going if it kills me…this place is hard to get in…and i was uber excited when they said we have an opening on the 14th…at 7:30 pm…so i’ll let ya know if it was worth the wait or not…

as for pressies…my mom came yesterday gave me a card with some money in it…and a dozen roses…
i’ve got a few cards and a close g’f of mine …already gave me a box with chocolate dipped strawberries…mmmmmmm

Wow S_S, very nice! :clap:…yes, you have to tell us all about your dinner date :iagree:

Sorry you’ve got the flu though :(, mine is just going (I hope) after nearly a month. Get better soon, and enjoy those lovely chocolate dipped strawberries :wink:

I’ll be taking my sister to Sam’s Club because her car has a dead battery. :a After that I’ll probably just plop in front of the TV and watch the Sci-Fi channel - ALONE. In other words, the usual. Thank God I have my cats.

Maybe I’ll see if there are any 50% off sales on chocolate.

so there’s a Spago’s in Tupelo? :smiley:

I’m going to spend my V day with family at home. Our city mayor announced a Snow Emergency day last night (Feb 13th). No school for our boys. My work at the university just announced closing effective 12:30PM today (Feb 14th) until 5AM tomorrow. The snow outside is already as tall as my 6 years old son and they are very excited! :eek:

Good thing we got a few new movies to watch all day and night long!

PS: got a dozen of red roses a couple days ago for wife. :wink:

I bought my wife some Diamond earrings and I will be preparing her favorite dish of Grilled Salmon (and all the extras) for Supper tonight.

Plus the kids will be gone :wink:

I forgot its Valentine’s day; better get my old a-- in gear and do something quick.

Well, I’m at work now. The roads are terrible but I made it. I’ll be leaving in a little bit to go home and be alone for the rest of the day. :frowning: I’ll probably just watch a lot of t.v.

The same as any other day…LOL. I’m single.

As a matter of fact, it was ON Valentine’s Day that I ended my last relationship. :smiley:

Well I had a treat today.Filling up with petrol (gass) we still have people pumping it in our cars.Chap missunderstood me and put 3 times more than I wanted.
Had to draw more money out of nearest ATM ,That is next to My Fav Vidio Hire.
Valintine Day Special on Hire one ,one free.Gave me and my kids hart shaped chocs I got a LONG STEM RED ROSE.

Not doing anything - not really into the Valentine thing myself.
Also, I’ve just been away for a long weekend with Mr. Prof. Honeydew, so we’ve been out for a few meals and as much romance as I can be bothered with (baaah humbug!) Might go to the Toronto car show this weekend, as a pretend Valentine’s date :iagree:

Valen…who´s day?
Yeah…well, I was out having a few beers with this buddy, a doctor actually. Dude´s in private practice…making a mint fixing kids´ears and so on. Anyway, he said it was his wife´s birthday, and she was turning the big 3 - 0, so he wanted to do something a bit special…ok.
So he said he bought her this pearl necklace AND a two week cruise on a luxury liner… and I´m in her good books whatever she prefers…y´know…:bow: :bow: :bow:

I spent the evening with nobody but my cat and CDF for company too (well, when I wasn’t falling asleep that is :o). :slight_smile:

Hey, don’t forget the 50% reduced chocolates - that’s a good idea :bigsmile:

I now have a plan for Valentine’s evening… I’m going to get rid of this signature and find a new avatar, now that my failed Superbowl bet is over :stuck_out_tongue: