How are you feeling?

Good day? Bad Day? Stay up to late last night? Hungover?

How are you currently feeling?

Tired and hungover. But today is a good day. :iagree:

…Still got an urge to go media splurge, though. :slight_smile:

How are you feeling?
BTW, Just kidding about the hung-over part. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tired. Got woken up this afternoon (:o) by my mum complaining that’s she’d broken her mobile and could I text her boyfriend for her. Ain’t love grand :stuck_out_tongue:

In a pretty good mood though :smiley:

Angry! :a

Linux still doesn’t want to work on my computer :doh:

Not good, not bad, just kind of okay.

Good at this moment

Getting DLS Soon VERY Soon Like tommorow if my luck holds out.

Diane, what’s DLS? Dyslexic DSL? Dirty Little Secrets? Damn little sense?(often directed my way)

My day consisted of driving 250 miles looking for materials and tools for my ongoing project at work. So, its been a long day but at least I got some things done.


DSL Going to be Faster than the crappy Dial-up I am Still using :bigsmile:

On the Box it says ADSL router what ever that means
Have to change My ISP and E.mail :slight_smile:

Tired and a little grumpy, but otherwise pretty good

Ditto. Except…I’ve had the urge to dance after getting my replacement Litey today, and overspeeding Ricoh media with very good results [better than my old Litey]. I’m in a good, but grumpy, mood. :iagree:

oxymoron :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m frustrated cuz i’m not tired, but i know i’ll be dead tomorrow morning in botany (at 8 a.m. :a)

playful :stuck_out_tongue:

Sleepy but unable to sleep.

Thats the worst. Best thing I found it to do something energetic. Go for a walk, exercise hard, etc…

didn’t sleep last night, have very painful headache, ibuprofen doesn’t do anything (already took 3 x 800mg which normally should make you feel nothing painful about your entire body :wink: ).
bad day…

I had that the past two nights…makes for a crappy monday morning…but two hours from now i’ll almost be done with class until tuesday :bigsmile:

Who’s Oxy, and who’s the moron? :stuck_out_tongue:

I know the feeling…past week has been like that for me. :doh:

Currently tired, but awake. Exhausted, but energetic. Careless but passionate. …yes, I am VERY conflicted right now. Seriously.

I know the feeling. Today was a little better if for no other reason than i took a nap yesterday

The jet lag is killing me at work … can barely stay awake :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m awake, but my brain isn’t … and my left eye keeps twitching … although that could just the remnants of influence from the USA …

I’ll just go for a wander to somewhere peaceful like a university clocktower … for a little RnR … with my copy of Catcher in the Rye … and my gun.

I’m fine, really!