How are we controlling the Italians?

Just saw that the Italian forum has more threads and almost more posts than The Livingroom. :rolleyes:

We don’t have a moderator for that forum and hardly any of the mod’s/admins speak Italian.

I know cico speaks Italian, but he hasn’t been around since September last year.

So how do we know that there’s no illegal thread/stuff posted in that forum?

Just wondering (and yes I’m bored at the moment :iagree: )?

not? :slight_smile:

Gonna learn Italian quick. :wink:

Just release bcn_246 from his ‘post count prison’, and the living room will expand with the speed of light. :bigsmile:

yeh… but it will also drop in quality (then again it cant get much lower :p)

Don’t be so modest ben. You know, the Italians speak really fast :bow: , and it seems they post just as fast :bow: . Our goal here in the living room, is of cause to beat their post count. I consider you as the secret weapon of the living room in that particular game :bow: . It’s not really a matter of substance, just to win. :bigsmile:

Well, from what I see the lang dept. gets alot more warez reqests than the English one, maybe I am jusr misreading.

Ben :slight_smile:


Maybe CDfreaks should integrate a language translator … for the mods of course :wink:

Even bad translations into a native language can give you the gist of a message :wink:

That’s exactly what I thought.

If I post a thread in The Livingroom with the words crack or hack it’s closed within 1 minute (Tax is quick at that point :stuck_out_tongue: ), but in the Italian forum I have the feeling they’re sharing illegal stuff like candy … and nothing happens??

A Chinese (for both traditional and simplified) and a Korean language-dependent forum could have more posts than the Italian forum very soon. But I can’t guarantee anything about quality and I’m the last person on CDFreaks who wants to moderate a Korean-language forum. Have I ever said I’m hated often because I post in English? :slight_smile: Many times my accounts were deleted exactly because of that reason.

That seems just a tad discriminatory.

Although I suspect that if no moderators/admins can speak english, they might suspect some sort of open rebellion in your posts.