How are these Ritek dvds (on sale)



Are these any good:
100-packs of Ritek G04 4x White Inkjet Printable DVD-R

on sale til tomorrow for $25


Just check the numerous threads here about Riteks, media loss, fast degradation etc…

Specially printable discs. G04 can still be OK (it’s a lottery, believe me, I’ve had about 250 of these from different brands and not 2 batches were of the same quality :rolleyes: ), but not the printable ones, that are consistently… crap.

Plus Arita is well-kowned for being the brand which has the lowest quality Ritek-discs one can find.


Jump to the TY section of supermedia and get the 8X or 4X TYs for $30. You will not regret getting the best there is, significantly better than Ritek at their best.


Agreed, I will never buy riteks again after a G05 with important information became unreadable 5 months after being burned. Switched over to Taiyo Yuden and Maxell and backed up every ritek I had.


:cop: :cop: :cop: :cop: Maxell 8X -R discs are now mostly Ritek G05 discs!!! :cop: :cop: :cop:
(I know, it s**ks… :sad: - I love genuine Maxells…)



My brother just sent me two 100 packs of Riteks 8X +R and they are RichoJPN02. not Ritek… wonder why? He got them at newegg and the burn great at 8X


Not really unusual, Ritek often uses Ricoh. Consider yourself lucky. Most would say Ricoh media is better than Ritek codes.


16 months agos, I wouldn’t. Now I would. :iagree:
If these Ricoh were easier to find here, I’d use them much more…