How are the pioneer dvd dl burners?

first, i had a lite-on. that was my fault. i went for the cheapest one at the time. kept gettin coaster errors up the ass.

so i went to plextor. they were the best. i had a plextor cdrw and so i went for the plextor sata dvd dl burner.

i’ve had it for about 6 months and now it won’t read any dvd or dvdr

i saw a pioneer at best buy for about $60 after rebates. i forgot the model number. it’s a 16 x dl dvd burner. ide.

so how are the pioneers? am i gonna get coaster errors or is it gonna stop recognizing dvds in a few months?

how much do u pioneer owners like it?

I agree with you that PLEXTOR was the best…had a 716 what a POS!
I bought a Pioneer A109…was good for about 3 months now it is junk. I burned maybe 35 dvds on it (genuine TYG02). So I can’t recommend the 109…as for the 110…who knows maybe the horse will sing ;>
I recently got a 1640 benq for 50 bucks candian and SO FAR it is great burner. For the price I say give the Benq a try.

That’s not the normal rate of burned media before becoming troubled…
There is no “BEST” drive and you can always get a defective drive… that’s life.

Pioneer makes quality burns when we talk DVD, its CDR is not best or fastest, and it’s pretty slow ripping(can be fixed). Buy the drive if your want quality dvd burns, and can live with the small issues it has.

what is the approximate amount of dvd’s that can be burned before a drive starts to lose its integrity?

My Pioneer does very well on TTG02, and MCC 003. The rest of the media I have tried has just been average burns.

Someone elsewhere said they did a ton of burning and found 10,000 burns were close to tops. This was with older drives and given the price drops and lower quality control, I would put the average closer to 5000. This is just a guess. My most used burner (NEC 3500) has burned abot 500 burns and there is no loss in quality.