How are the Originals made?

I would love to create original CDs, but it is surprisingly hard to find out how.

Any ideas what type of machine I need and who makes them?

I’m assuming I would still be buying parts of the CD from a company and using my machine to write and press everything together, but I really have no idea.

Hope you have a couple tens of thousands of dollars to produce the glass master, buy the industrial press, and purchase the raw polycarbonate in bulk. Not to mention a few years to develop your own dye formula or maybe a dumptruck full of cash to purchase a license to use one already out there.

If its that important to duplicate something, and you want an original, try to look for a local ro close by replicator company.

It also depends on what you want to print. If you want to make a music cd, you are better off going to a local music studio since they already have a lot of the resourses and contacts. If you plan on making a video cd/dvd, contact your local tv production company or go through your local tv station. Another option is going through your local college/university. They might have a video studio program that is free to school members/students. Paying a few bucks for one semester might save you thousands of dollars doing it yourself.