How are studios able to compress audio files better (both size and time)?



I’ve always wondered what type of formats or programs do studios use to compress the music they will distribute, both size and time wise? This question arose because I have the same songs that come in an unamed cd but mine all together are 83 minutes long, whereas in the legit cd, the songs all together are 73 minutes long, and for that reason, I cannot burn the music into an audio cd. This thing bothers me!


There songs have to be shorter- time=time-


[QUOTE=~Jethro~;2189720]There songs have to be shorter- time=time-[/QUOTE]

I believe that the songs that I got were ripped exactly from the cd, as it said cdrip when I got them. Its a live track cd, so I don’t think there are different versions of the songs.

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Compression is used to reduce the size (ie: MB’s), NOT the time or length of the tracks. The files that you downloaded are likely not from a single CD…DVD possibly. And no matter which compression type you use for storage on your computer, there is only a single audio CD standard.