How are our cows going? RC5 Status!



I just posted the article How are our cows going? RC5 Status!.

Let’s take a look at the new status. We now have 198 members! So it is still growing… Our current rank is #514 but #175 for yesterday! We had a great day yesterday with 25,966 blocks completed…

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Sorry guys, but i can run my cow only at work, on a VERY slow pee-cee (so i call it :frowning: ) I can’t execute it @ home bcz i MUST run an application that really dosn’t like it.


No problem!! it’s better then users who don’t run nothing at all :slight_smile:


I think I’m going to flush a little bit less, so I can stay on no 1. I just flushed in 2 days 8000 and 10000 blocks.


Real men have a cow in their systray :7


Fire_Fox and T_FF are both my accounts. Fire_Fox is now working on T_FF, so Fire_Fox won´t get more keys… HACK THE PLANET !


PS: T_FF and Fire_Fox are standing for The_FireFox… ok ? HACK THE PLANET


yo having 2-3 pc’s helps always :wink: however maybe we’ll kick some asses soon… so far |snp|


Great to see even more people joined our team :wink: We will kick some ass. The Power of United Burners rulez :wink: