How are after sales Service in your Town?



I have endless problens After you have bought something.
Not talking about small appliances.(thats another story)
TODAY I AM SO :a :a I can spit snakes
Philips fw D39 DVD HI FI Bought June problem with cd Sep,
send for repair 12 m guarantee 2 months to repair .
There was one of my study aid cd stuck in tray.
The study set cost lots .
Gave me wrong cd some crap thing that dosent play .
Whent to the shop that I bought it to get addres for Philips agents
told me that was what was in the cd .
How can I prove it
Will have to buy whole new set.:sad:

My doctor calls them Incredible Corruption ( East London Branch :Z )
First Computer I have Bought and used in my life 2005.
Pacard Bell LONG story short
reinstalled windows 4 times , Wiped everything of my HD .Cloned it.
telling me they must check the motherboard but the recovery disc is at his home :doh: I had to ask are you moonlighting:cop: Only got a dead pan look.

YES I know they have to wipe HD to do the windows thing .
BUT they wiped All PACARD BELL Stuff of to. :a


first…i build my own…i have to take my pc not very far to get them fix’t…:O…:D…here customer(US)service is not too bad…they seem to want to keep the customer happy…do their best…or the best within their abilities…BTW…i think Packard Bell died 3 or 4 years ago or more…sounds like that place doesn’t know what they’re doing

afternote…my mom is in Durban(S.A.) right now…:slight_smile:


My town, there is nothing in my town, I need to drive 20-40 miles even to find a store.


I Had to learn the hard way .
I think All the dead Packard Bell computers they sold to SA :wink:
When My computer crashed after my garentee . Incredible Conection
Gave me a recovery disc they aparently Had to order overseas
another tall story .The new PC SHOP I take it to now Found out that PB and IC
Have a deal and use differend drivers for the motherboard pentium 4.
they said they couldnt charge me there hourly rate when they got it going.
Half the recovery disc said file missing.

DURBAN is a very nice place for a holiday In WINTER .:slight_smile:


I spent Christmas and new year in onof those Towns .& No cdfreaks:sad:


The latest PC I have, I bought (built the last one, ran like clockwork for 4 years), and so far, no problems.

I have to say though, I’m friendly (no, not that kind of friendly :p) with the manager of the small shop I bought it at, so I suspect there’ll be no problems if something goes belly up, even though I’ve voided the warranty.

Saying that, for me it’s easier and less hassle (read: quicker) to replace a part myself than go chasing up warranties etc.


Packard Bell was purchased by NEC and withdrew from the US market but continue here in Europe and in Asia. They are headquartered in Holland.


[B]Techno techno techno cat !!![/B] :iagree: :bigsmile: :clap:


packard bell i think was started in a guy’s garage in the 70’s here in the states…the last few years they were here in the states…no1 wanted one…the were the equivalent of an Emachines…buy at your own risk…that’s why they left the market…word was out


LOL! You spring up in the most unlikely places :bigsmile:


Computer shops always suck.

Most of them have a cloned partition of a windows install, and restore it to your HD, wiping everything :stuck_out_tongue:

Stick your Windows key in & away it goes.

Bah :stuck_out_tongue:

As to stuff that gets stuck in any drives, turn it off & use the emergency eject.
The only drive I’ve ever encountered where the “Emergency Eject” was not mechanical, is the Benq’s. I had to RMA my 1620 with a (burnt) CD still in the drive :frowning:


Packard Bell was founded in 1926 and back then they made radios. Later they expanded into televisions and stuff to fight the russkies with. It was bought by Teledyne in 1968 and in 1986 a group of investors bought the name from Teledyne and started making computers. Then in 1996 NEC bought into the company and merged it altoghether a few years later.

By chance the US trademark has been bought by the fella behind eMachines… Which I have no clue what it is.


sorry for not being clearer…i meant there pc lineup…not the company…kinda like motorola has been around 4ever and has produced more than just phiones and a network etc…

i’ll school u on Emachines…get an Emachines w/ an athlon say…3600…w/ monitor for $400 US…sometimes it comes w/ a printer…the motherboards on these things are crap…if u don’t have the original drivers for those things if your pc screws up…your f****…i have a friend who has a pc shop who gets em in there all the time…they usually are fried or the power supply’s go bad…they’re total garbage…“consumer” pc’s for the masses

go here to see one of these monsters…they were goin for $300 at christmas…


I bought an eMachines PC about 5-6 years ago (desperation, I was without a PC), and it’s still running today (edit: nothing replaced, just burners and RAM added), my mum has it.

I agree though, 9 times out of 10 the mobos are pure crap. Just lucky the one I had has been rock solid since I got it all those years ago. :slight_smile:


Heh we have an old Compaq where they managed to couple a ATX motherboard with an AT PSU. Yay for not following standards…


LOOOOL! :bigsmile: :clap:


Wow, howcome they did that?



I guess they had a surplus of AT-psus and figured they’d put them to use.


And besides, we all know how expensive ATX PSU’s were compared to AT PSU’s, right? Must have been all of about … err … the same price :stuck_out_tongue: