How and where to buy GOLD Taiyo Yuden DVD-R from USA?



I would like to purchase Taiyo Yuden’s That’s Gold 8x DVD-R TYG02 from the USA. Anyone know how and where to do this? Verbatim Ultralife and MAM-A is not good enough for me. I like TYG02 dye better.


Are you sure the product even exists? I know Taiyo Yuden made some gold CD-Rs, but I’m not familiar with a similar DVD-R product. Do you have a link?

Now, assuming this product does exist, you’ll have a hell of a hard time finding it in the USA. The only That’s dealers I know of are in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Greece (grey market?) and perhaps a couple other places I’m forgetting. You’re not going to find That’s in the USA with any ease, and I would imagine the product you’re looking for is pretty rare, too.

I’d look at Maxell Broadcast Quality for archiving. It doesn’t have a gold reflective layer, but it’s damn good stuff. :slight_smile:


START Lab officially offers That’s Gold 8x DVD-R. It is also available from Disc Impex (Greece).

The Greek resellers are definitely legal… They even have That’s DVD-R for master. :wink:

The packaging of my 50 pack of That’s 48x CD-R has a warranty written in English that is only valid in the US and Canada :eek:


Unfortunately none of the websites are in English.


I stand corrected. It does indeed exist, and it’s cheaper than I expected. The START Labs site wants roughly $1 per disc, but Disc Impex has them for the bargain price of 30 euro cents :eek:

[B]kamen555:[/B] How many disc were you thinking about buying? Perhaps if you buy enough, you could convince Disc Impex that it’s worth their time to ship to North America :wink: :wink:

[B]kg_evilboy:[/B] Maybe there’s a That’s distributor in North America that we don’t know about yet? :eek: Why else would there be That’s product with a USA & Canada warranty?

The bunch at look at a look the product here (English translation)


If you want That’s 8x DVD-R (Gold), you have two choices.

[B]1) Ordering from Japan[/B]

Most Japanese online shops will not ship to other countries. This means that you will have to use a remailing service such as DankeDanke ([B]koba [/B]mentioned this once).
You can then order from virtually any Japanese online shop such as START Lab, Amazon

Disadvantages: Shipping is expensive, media is expensive (a 10 disc cakebox costs 900 Yen, which is about $7.77).

[B]2) Ordering from Greece[/B]

It is also questionable whether Greek online shops ship to other countries. I don’t know any Greek remailing service. :frowning:
Many Greek online shops such as Grammi, Media-Shop, CD Market, E-SHOP, Newtechlabs have That’s 8x DVD-R (Gold) in stock.

The lower price (somewhere in between € 4 and € 5/$5.24 ~ $6.55), is a clear advantage, even more if you purchase in large volums, but you have to find a Greek online shop that will ship internationally.

Good luck, [B]kamen555[/B]!


I’m willing to buy 100 Taiyo Yuden Gold DVD-R. The Greece price looks like a better deal but I hope I’m getting authentic Taiyo Yuden Made in Japan DVD-R. I also want to make sure that’s the dye is TYG02 and they are using real Gold and real Silver as the reflective layers.


The disc type is definitely TYG02.
The dye is not the disc type! The disc type is connected to dye, reflectivity, polycarbonate… the dye that is used by TYG02 is Advanced Azo.
CMC MAG E01 and MBIPG101 R04 use some kind of Advanced Azo too. :stuck_out_tongue:

For the reflective layer question, you should contact either Taiyo Yuden/START Lab directly or Disc Impex (Greece). :wink:


I was thinking of buying from START Lab using a remailing service but the minimum to buy is 1 carton (240 DVD-R) which costs about US$250 including local shipping. The remailing fees and international shipping costs would add another US$150 by my guess. A total of $400 for 240 Discs. About the same price as MAM-A discs.


Yeah, that TYG02 dye is really great… it’s called Azo, and supplied by Verbatim to Taiyo Yuden :bigsmile:

But for Archival Purposes there are only 2 discs I’ve seen worth considering. Maxell BQ Series 8x DVD-Rs, and Emtec Gold 4x DVD+Rs. Maxell Protek and Mori media also are in the same category (I group them in with Maxell BQ since they’re run off of the same equipment to the same specs, although Protek is 16x).

Oh, and this opinion is based off of my personal DVDR longevity study, which involves real time media degridation… not accelerated ageing.


Hrm… just a thought: considering this product costs only 30 euro cents at Disc Impex, which is under 10 euro cents less than the comparable non-gold product, is it really possible that it’s a real gold reflective layer? Do we have any data to suggest that it’s not just a gold top?

Most real gold DVDR products cost upwards of $2/disc :confused:


I’m assuming there is some media you haven’t looked at, so that you don’t know how good it is for archival.

Have you tried the Verbatim Ultralife discs?
(equivalent to Verbatim Archival Grade in Europe)

I’m also sceptical because of the low price. :iagree:


I think it’s supplied by Mitsubishi to Taiyo Yuden.
Verbatim, isn’t this just a trade name and a few companies selling the Mitsubishi products?

Actually they should have used the name Mitsubishi in Germany instead. I have already heard all kinds of weird pronunciations of “Verbatim”, from VER-buh-tim to ver-bah-TEAM, even from shop employees. :eek:

I mean… “I want a pack of DVD+Rs from Ver… V… Sony!” :p[/I]

Disc Impex has very low prices on quite a lot of media. But don’t forget that Disc Impex is a major distributor that usually sells large numbers of discs to other shops and that you have to add taxes :bigsmile:
But why not just ask Taiyo Yuden or Disc Impex? :wink:


The reason I want TYG02 is that it consistently scores higher in quality scan than any other brand out there, including Verbatim even though some claim they are using the same dye.


I wouldn’t go on a wild goose chase just because disc A has 50 less PIF than disc B.


Where can I find the lowest price for Maxell BQ 8x DVD-R? Hopefully they come in spindles of 25, 50 or 100 and hopefully the seller give free ground shipping as well.


You plan on using these for archiving, right? Now, you say TYG02 “scored higher in quality scan than other brand out there”. Please, do remember that initial burn quality has only a very limited influence on lifespan! Perhaps you shouldn’t be looking for the disc with the best initial burn quality, but the disc with the longest predicted lifespan (besides, I wouldn’t agree that TYG02 is the best burning disc out there - far from it!).

And for the record, I can say that 100% certainty that TYG02 is based on a Mitsubishi pigment. But that’s really beside the point, because the dye doesn’t make or break the disc; it’s only one of many elements to consider.


Totally true, burning quality doesn’t tell you anything about how long a disc will live unless you carry quality checks and TRT’s out regularly on the discs, say every six months or so :slight_smile:


And the goldness doesn’t, either.
I would prefer YUDEN000 T02 over TYG02 if it should be Taiyo Yuden media :slight_smile:
DVD+R is less popular in Japan than DVD-R, so the demand for a gold TY DVD+R may be too small :frowning:


Unfortunately, Maxell BQ comes only in 3pks with full size DVD case.

The best price you’re going to find on BQ is probably at NCIX this week, they have the 12pk (which is a 3pk master carton) for $14.39 USD.

They’re a highly reputable Canadian company, but they do ship to the US. Shipping 8 of the 12pks to a New Hampshire zip code via Canada Post Expedited Parcel USA (4-7 business days) would cost $19.22 USD.

Another option if you’re looking for a BQ-like product without the cases is to buy Maxell Medical DVD-Rs from a certain Maxell liquidator on ebay. It’s a discontinued product, and as far as I can tell it’s basically the same as BQ. They even appear to come in the same packaging as Mori.

Good luck :wink: