How and where do you carry your cell phone?


I wear jeans most of the time, and I don’t like the idea of carrying my cell phone in any of the pockets of my jeans. Just a little too dangerous for me, and if I carry it in the front left, I can’t sit with it, so it gets taken out and has the potential to be lost easily. I hate cargo pants…so that nixes that idea for me. And not all my shirts have pockets that can accommodate a phone.

I’m considering a holster that clips onto my belt. Yes, completely in dork territory, just like accountants with pocket protectors, but it seems a much better solution for me. And I’m pretty old now, so I think I can pull off the dorky look without too many hassles. I’m not supposed to look cool these days, even if I could.

Any other thoughts? Vertical vs horizontal holster? Particular brands that are worth considering?

Pretend I’m a runner and get one of those funky bands that holds your cell on your arm? Nah, no one is going to believe I run anywhere.



This is what I have been using for the last 6 years or so
Insignia™ - Leather Hip Case for Most Large-Size Cell Phones - Black

Clips on the belt and so far has not came off .
I have replaced the case once when I got a bigger phone and once when it just got really worn out.


Thanks for the reply. Yours is fairly pricey, but I suppose the top grain leather is going to wear better.

Not sure I like the horizontal cases though. I’ll just have to look for more examples.


Little pricey yes but they last longer.
I tried some of the others at first and had the phone fall out of the case at work, this one has done me good.


My nickname is batman on account of my utility belt; knife pouch, Leatherman pouch (now Ganzo) , and phone pouch; with the addition of a gel case have never lost or broken a phone. The pouch for the phone was a few quid on ebay…