How am I going to connect them to make disc to disc copying optimize?

Hello everyone here.

Now I have two DVD burners installed in my computer: a Lite-On 1633 (which came with the computer) and a Benq 1670 (which I bought from Staples a few days ago). My question is: How am I going to connect them to make disc to disc copying optimize?

I set up both burners at Cable Select and burned about 20 discs during the past three days, and all discs came out terrible. I guess I must did something wrong. Could anyone tell me if I might have already damaged either of the burners by wrong connection? If so, what is the correct way to connect these two?

I have searched a lot of information not still could not figured it out. Which burner should be set as Master? And which one for the Slave? One guy said, “Drive with higher max DMA/UDMA mode should be set as master.” But how am I going to find out about this information?

I always thought both drivers should be connected on one cable. Is that true Master should be at the end of cable and Slave should be at the middle? But this one guy said, “Put your ripping/reader drive on the same cable with your hard drive.” If what he said was true, how am I going to do that?

This is much more difficult than I originally thought.
Any help is welcome.

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Luke Hu

Cable select should be ok
if your PC system supports it
and it will automatically set the drive at end of cable as master and the middle one as slave

you could manually set one for slave and one for master and then position on the cable no longer matters
and this may be the way to go if you are not sure if you pc support CS
it does’nt matter which one, as it is the pc’s way of drive assignment and recognition

your burners are not damaged by setting both to CS
that is how I have set them

The type of cable may make a difference, but I am not sure on this point being true, but have read it in one of my PC user guides

never mix HDD and optical as your HDD speeds will fall to near the slower optical drives

PRimary ide = HDD
Secondary ide = optical drives

Also what do you mean by terrible burns
software and media you use? speed of burns?
any error messages
upgrade drives to latest firmware?

we need more info to help :slight_smile:

You may get better results using one as the reader and the second as a writer and copying the dvd to the hard drive and not on the fly. Your new BQ1670 needs an updated firmware which is not available right now and it also depends what media and software you are using?? and the specs of your system?? You need a really fast system to copy on the fly.

If your Hard Drive is connectd to a SATA controller, then the best way to connect your burners would be as masters on their own seperate IDE channel ie one as master on IDE 0 and one as master on IDE 1.

If your motherboard supports IDE only then I would configure the drive that will be reading on the primary channel along with the hard drive, as slave and the burner on the secondary channel as master. Most modern motherboards do not care about different DMA settings on the same controler and will happily run a HDD at a high DMA (4-6) with a UDMA-2 burner as slave.

Still…If possible I would forget on-the-fly coppying and burn from the HDD instead! :iagree:

That sums it up correctly.

cable select is obsolete, a whole can of worms

for 8x COF use a premium slower reader(I use my lg 4163B and my Benq 1650)

you must have good source disks(premium medias)

both drives should be standalone masters

I have done 50-60 this way all good this last month

as a test I burned a 92QS at 16x in 6 minutes

These are new standard nobody ever heard of, just follwo the Zaq advise or search in Google to find out for yourself.

Thank you for everyone’s help.

But I hope you understand that the reason I am asking is because I don’t know very much (or any). The messages left by Kim Jong and rbrtpl are impossible for me to understand. I am sure they are valuable information to someone’s ears, but not to me.

Maybe I should post my disc scans here. But before I figure out how to do that, just let me tell you half of my discs received a Quality Score of ZERO, the ones are not zero are also very low.

Kim Jong suggested that “forget on-the-fly copying and burn from the HDD instead.” I guess he means don’t do disc to disc copying. My computer is not fast either, its AMD Sempron 3000+. So is it fast enough to do disc to disc copying?

My next question is: How am I going to set up two DVD drivers correctly to make burn from the hard-drive optimize?

I don’t know if my PC can automatically set the drivers correctly. Just assume they can’t, then what should I do.

Another important question I still need an answer. Which one of them should be Master? Which one Slave? Do they have to be one master and one slave?

Thank you for your time.

There is no difference in Master and Slave. Just put the writer on a separate channel. It would be better if there is no other drive connected to the writer channel. So you could put your hard disk as primary master, reader as primary slave and writer as secondary master.

I used TDK 16X DVD+R and used Benq 1670 to burn at 16X, each disc received a Quality Score of zero. I then changed the burn speed to 8X, but still got very low score, anywhere from 0 to 45. My copying software is always CloneDVD. I do have Nero OEM but I don’t know how to use it whenever the disc size is larger than 4.3GB. I used Lite-On 1633 as the source drive while copying.

Maybe I should take Computer Install 101 course before I come back to this forum.

Kalpik, I am sure you got a good idea, but could you tell how to do it (make two channels and everything). If it is too difficult, then I will return my Benq 1670 back to Staples. But I really want give it a try.

Buy a new ide cable to connect your BENQ 1670 & LITEON drive. You cannot use a CABLE SELECT ide cable with MASTER/SLAVE settings. Set your BENQ 1670 as SECONDARY MASTER & the LITEON as SECONDARY SLAVE. Your hard drive is on the PRIMARY MASTER ide controller.

To burn disc to disc can be done if the source which is your reader is double the speed of the burner. Example if you’re going to burn the disc at 8x speed then the reader speed will have to be 16x speed. I’ve done this with only CDR discs which works. As for DVD’s it’s another story which is why it is recommended you copy the dvd files to your hard drive then burn the disc.
You can use other software to back up your movies. Use DVDFAB DECRYPTER to rip the files to your hard drive then use DVDSHRINK to shrink the files so it’ll fit on a single layer disc. Then use NERO BURN, DVD DECRYPTER or IMG BURN to burn to a dvd disc. With DVD DECRYPTER & IMG BURN the files will have to be created into ISO images which you can easily do in DVD SHRINK by choosing to save the dvd file as a ISO IMAGE instead of the VIDEO_TS & AUDIO_TS folders that NERO BURN uses.

This is absolutely not true.

The vast majority of IDE cables these days come with 1 connector that MUST be connected to the motherboard. It might have a tag to say system/motherboard or be blue.
The middle connector is for a slave device and the other end is the master device.
If the devices are set to cable select then it doesn’t matter which is connected to the master or the slave as the system will detect & set accordingly. If you set the devices to master & slave they MUST be connected to the correct connector.

If you want to do on-the-fly copying, which is not recommended btw, then the reader & burner MUST be on separate IDE cables. The reader should be on the same cable as the HDD & the burner on the other cable.

If you copy to the HDD first then the reader & burner would be on the same cable so as to maximise the copy speed from the reader to the HDD. In this case the burner would typically be connected as master - either by the jumper on the burner or by cable select and being on the end connector - and the reader as slave.

It shouldn’t matter whether you use the cable select method or jumper to detect the master/slave devices. I always use cable select on my 2 systems - which have a total of 6 burners - without any problems whatsoever.
more dell hell

This is not correct
when a drive is set to slave or master
position on the cable no longer determines the master /slave setting of the drive
when you select CS the drive you want to be master goes at the end and slave in the middle, both drives of course must be CS

please sescribe you setup
do you understand primary/secondary IDE channel
Do you have 2 IDE channels?
please supply more info on hardware and software
do you have anydvd and clonedvd?
if not return one of the drives and buy these 2 programs
I would return 1 of the drives as it is over kill
you only need one burner and good media
try TY :bigsmile:

use the nero infotool configuration tab to see what’s going on?

This is one example of my terrible disc scan, I have another 7-8 discs just like this.
Media used: TDK 16X DVD+R Burn speed: 8X
Software used: AnyDVD + CloneDVD
Used LiteOn 1633 as the source, and Benq 1670 as the writer.

Can anyone show me how to post my Info Tool Configuration diagram?
I don’t know how to post it. Here is what I can tell from my diagram.

My hard drive is set as Master on Primary IDE Channel, and there is nothing else on Primary.

My LiteOn 1633 is set as Master on the Secondary IDE Channel, and Benq 1670 is set as Slave on the Secondary IDE Channel.

But I used LiteOn 1633 as the reader, and Benq 1670 as the writer while burning the discs above. Do you think if I switch them the other way will solve the problem?

Are you still doing disc to disc copying?

This how your configuration should look like more or less.