How am I going to connect them to make disc to disc copying optimize?



Hello everyone here.

Now I have two DVD burners installed in my computer: a Lite-On 1633 (which came with the computer) and a Benq 1670 (which I bought from Staples a few days ago). My question is: How am I going to connect them to make disc to disc copying optimize?

I set up both burners at Cable Select and burned about 20 discs during the past three days, and all discs came out terrible. I guess I must did something wrong. Could anyone tell me if I might have already damaged either of the burners by wrong connection? If so, what is the correct way to connect these two?

I have searched a lot of information not still could not figured it out. Which burner should be set as Master? And which one for the Slave? One guy said, “Drive with higher max DMA/UDMA mode should be set as master.” But how am I going to find out about this information?

I always thought both drivers should be connected on one cable. Is that true Master should be at the end of cable and Slave should be at the middle? But this one guy said, “Put your ripping/reader drive on the same cable with your hard drive.” If what he said was true, how am I going to do that?

This is much more difficult than I originally thought.
Any help is welcome.

Yours truly,
Luke Hu


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