How adjust PTPXL 3.16 Q-Check FE/TE Test speed?




Plexools runs Q-Check FE/TE test at “maximum” speed. But the actual speed is not shown, and there seems to be no way to adjust this testing speed (as there is in QSuite/Qscan 2.1). There is no mention of being able to make this adjustment in the Help file (.chm)

  1. Where is the actual test speed reported?

  2. Is there a way to lower this speed, to identify a speed at which the blank media will burn OK?

Thank you in advance for your help.

– Roy Zider

Plextor Plextools Professional XL 3.16 (PTPXL 3.16)


AFAIK the actual test speed is not reported anywhere. (PTPXL can generate Reports from test-results in html. I’ve never used that function so I can’t say for sure, but maybe additional info is found in that report)
Other than that you can use the transfer rate test to determine the maximum write speed the firmware allows for any given media.

You mean like this?

If I remember correctly you need to set the maximum writing speed in the drive settings - silent mode.

However you can also aproximately achieve the same by interpreting the FE/TE results. Simply put the FE/TE-result in relation with a “clean” (i.e. no slowdown) writing graph.

A good example for CDs :

You’ll notice from this and other results in hat thread that for CDs a FE >50 will cause the drive to slow for a first time (more so if the error is even higher). Simply determine the speed according to a “clean” writing graph at the position FE passes 50 and select the next lower speed available. You should be safe that way unless the disc in question gets a lot worse after that point.


Hi – sorry to be so tardy in acknowedging your reply. I actually came across your post here when I was googling (again) for a solution to this problem.

By saving the result as html, there is some text there that says (in my case) that 8X writing is OK or not. This is the max rated speed of the media I’m using-- TYG02 . PTPXL 3.16 is ignoring the new Autostrategy write speed of 6X it’s tested the media at – so it doesn’t appear to be doing anything other than lifting the speed from the media info. Not helpful.

BenQ Q-scan allows you to vary the speed of the write test, so that media that don’t work at their max rated speed (8X) can qualify for good writes at 4X (typical). Can’t do that here, and QScan doesn’t work on Plextor drives.

This is pretty basic stuff, it seems to me – examine/test the batch of media to see what speed qualifies for FE/TE in the given media-device-host configuration. A faster platform or a newer device will probably do better and support a higher write than a slow one. But without reliable FE/TE tests, it’s pretty much a crap shoot. Read transfer rate tests are not adequate for this.

– Roy Zider