How acurate is KProbe with +R discs?

I have burned 20 DVD+R Ritek R03-02 with my 812@832 liteon. Two of them have problems reading in my DVD player. I have tried bit setting the +R to DVD-Rom as well as DVD+R and both seem to play in my player.

Below is one of the discs I was having problem playing. It plays alright on the computer and the other 18 play on the DVD player why is it that this one won’t play properly even though it shows the error rates to be within acceptable margins?

Scan of the disc that won’t play properly.

Try to do a surface scan with CDspeed3 and post results. Sometimes kprobe can miss crc errors.

The disc gets 3 quarters of the way through and starts glitching. As I said before it plays without any problems on the PC. I don’t have another DVD player to try it in.

Results of Surface Scan…

Starting surface scan
Good: 100.00 %
Damaged: 0.00 %
Unreadable: 0.00 %
Surface scan completed

I doesn’t show up any errors here… What really annoys me is that this crap quality -R disc (scan below) plays without one glitch (most likely not for long) in my DVD player?

:slight_smile: you do realize that if the format of discs are wrong (DVD-video format), the disc also cannot be played on set-top player, right? Read… the discs you burn are not in compliant format. Region setting is another one.

Usually PC software are far more forgiving than set-top, that’s why it let you play almost any discs…

The disc actually plays perfect until it gets 3/4 of the way through. Then it just glitches and finally locks up (counter keeps advancing but picture is frozen) yet when I play it on the computer it is fine. The disc is in UDF format and the region is set to all.

Are there other things to consider like Reflectivity of the disc. Perhaps it reads find in the burner but when you put it in the DVD player the reflectivity of the disc is not as good?

Unfortunately kprobe on its own isn’t a good enough tool do determine how good a burn is. It’s worth doing a transfer/speed test with cdspeed (as mentioned earlier) which should also pick up on any crc errors. I have burned a few discs that have low pi/po errors (under 20 pi and under 4 po) but have had trouble reading towards the end. The cdspeed transfer test shows a drop in read speed in those areas.