How accurate is Nero's CD-DVD Speed?

I just ripped a movie with Shrink and the ripping speed for my Aopen 1640 Pro maxed at about 4780 KB/s. I ran the transfer rate test using CD-DVD Speed and it gave me a 5.79x average and a maximum of 7.72x.
I a still getting my feet wet with this whole business, so can anyone explain the discrepancy???


DVD Shrink only rips at the speed your computer can process the data - hence it rips slower because it’s reencoding at the same time. The figure you get from CD-DVD Speed is the maximum ripping speed for the disc and the drive - and this is accurate … if you are looking for maximum speeds.

if your 1640 pro is simular to the 1648/aap pro, then you can do a speed trick to get faster rips.
you can eather use the latest dvddecrypter to rip to harddrive, i get 13x when ripping a dvd r.
or startup cd speed select quality scan set speed to max, click start then when the test starts up stop it. now the speed trick is installed on the drive and will stay there until you open the drive. now rip with dvd shrink.