How about this text results? (Plex PX-716A)

Well, in this text I used:

a 700Mb CD-R Memorex


Plextor PX-716A (TLA0304 FW 1.04)

AutoStrategy disactivated, PoweRec activated.

CD was tested with PlexTools Professional 2.20, read on the same PX-716A. The CD was burned at 32x and with an .avi file of 700Mb

I don’t think this result is really good… also the Beta Jitter test is impossible to close and gives unknown error (0000)…

In order to understand if it’s a problem of the Memorex CD or of the PX-716A, I’ve also read, always with the PX-716A and the PlexTools, another Memorex, always a CD-R with an .avi file on it, burned at 32x, but with the LiteOn LTR 52246S 52x/32x/52x

It seems this is a better result…

Do you think it’s all ok?
It seems to me that the LiteON burn better than the PX-716A…
I also would like to understand if an Audio CD contains less errors than an avi file, 'cause I’ve noticed that in the C1-C2 tests they always use Audio CDs…

It it obvious that the LiteOn LTR 52246S 52x/32x/52x is better drive.

I have the new Aopen drive, which I have not done any tests jet but soon. I was thinking of upgrading to Plextor but after reading your post and others I am having a hard time justifyng spending more money for a worse product.

Sometimes advertising can be blinding.

The PX-716A is primarily a DVD burner, not a CD burner. It’s logical a CD-RW would burn CD media better than a DVDRW.

Thanks for the response Two Degrees. I quite agree with you.It seems that most of the posts are on DVD drives. It’s a little harder to find info on dedicated CD burners.

Can you give me suggestions on 3 good CD burners. I am considering the Plextor premium, but I would like to compare with some others before I make my final decision.