How about this new media


How about the quality of this media?

OK to burn music? :wink:

Those are excellent! :slight_smile:
I have also used some of the Extra Protection TYs. Great media, you can’t be wrong with these.

Man I just love the look of the packaging and the discs themselves.

Very nice!

Just visit the UK or Europe and grab some. :wink:
Lots of those over here.

and it is not expensive, about 0.2€ per disc.

but the scanning result seems not very good.

Why not?
Can you post a result?

I have two spindles, they’re great discs. Gonna get more when my bet ends :bigsmile:

And yeah, our EMEA Verbie packaging is very pretty :wink:

Arachne, I will trade you 1:1 for Plextor 8x DVD+R??


Maybe a trip is in order!! Honey pack your bags!!

Dealt with via PM :wink:


Wipes white fluid off thread

Yeah they should be good. The above result looks crappy though. C2 errors. You are writing at like 48 or 52 arent you?

I would go 16x for Audio.


cd pirate is correct - write music at 16x and data at 32x and all will be good-eh!

That is a good rule of thumb that I also use. :iagree:
(Except that I burn data at 24x on one of my Pioneer drives because of some weird jitter issues, but that’s another story.)

Even though most drives can burn CD-R media at 40/48/52x these days, the results are almost always inferior to burns at 32x and slower, even for the best of media.

I’m all for that as well :iagree:…wow, so much agreement in one thread :bigsmile:

I prefer 24x for music and 32x/40x for data :eek:
Even CMC and Ritek do well at 40x, but I don’t like burning at 48x or 52x at all.
But I think I just like gambling and high speeds.

There’s always one :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding :flower:

Is it OK for audio CD?

TY CD-R should be excellent. But based on your scans in post#10, it is not OK since C2 errors exist.

Like others said, try to burn at 16x and post the scans here again. Good luck.

The “C2 errors” reported by the PlexTools scan are correctable E22 errors, so the disc should play fine in that drive. It’s not a good burn, however, since a good burn shouldn’t have any E22 or E32.

The “C2 errors” reported by most other drives are uncorrectable E32 errors, which in PlexTools are called “CU errors”. There are no CU errors in the scan above, so there are no uncorrectable errors.

I have personally come to the conclusion that the phrase “C2 errors” is misleading and should be avoided because it means different things in different scanning drives, and this leads to misunderstanding and confusion. The terms “E22 errors” and “E32 errors” are better because they have a precise meaning, so I’m advocating the use of E22 and E32 instead. :flower: