How about TDK Blu-Ray disc?

I’d like to buy blu-ray disc.Anyone had tried this? :rolleyes:

TDK Blu-Ray 25GB 2X Rewritable BD-RE Media $24.99

Due to the very different technology between DVD and Blue-Ray, there should be much less differences between manufacturers. This is partly wishful thinking, I conceide. :bigsmile:

Now about TDK, I personally would trust them to produce among the best products from a new media technology. They always did. It’s one of the few brands with their “own” technology that can be trusted IMO.

So, some SONYs have appeared here in good ol’ europe.

$24.99 per disc, approx. $1 per gig… Gosh, not that cheap for starters i guess.
Not an issue, of course, for those who’d give everything for being on the “edge” :smiley: