How about some help Conveting Buffy/Angel Dvd's To Avi?

So I was working on this over the weekend, but I couldn’t figure it out a way to convert the Buffy and Angel DVD’s to avi.

I tried DVD santa, but it only converts AVI to DVD , and not the otehr way around. I tried Winavi soemthing…
and it didn’t work, It doesn’t recognize the DVD files.
I tried DVD dercypter, and it’s not ripping off all the DVD files

Has anyone done this before??

Here are my computer aspects
Windows XP
500 MB od ram
Of course DVD player 12x R and RW

There are plenty of ways to do this (try looking in the ‘Video (e.g. MPEG-4), (S)VCD Editing and Authoring’ Forum), a lot of people use Gordian Knot or AutoGK (contains spyware). Personally I like to go through each process myself with the individual tools.

Use dvddecrypter to rip all the files and Fairuse will mount the ripped dvd and convert it to avi. Fairuse is a good free tool.

does fairuse have any spyware in it?

I find it funny that FairUse set up goes by the name of FU setup

and thanks to all of you so far. I will try one of the two methods