How about sharing?



Well, most of you guys probably download your stuff from websites or ftps, for free.
In here all you guys want to do is sell your stuff or trade it.
Well,my opinion and that of many others is that warez should be free. So instead of selling your stuff to your mates here, try sharing it. You might find it weird, doing all that hard work for nothing (financial),you will just have a good feeling after you’ve done this, trust me.

plz don’t close this topic too soon, I wanna see some reactions.


ok. a reaction:
you’re now in a TRADING forum, so nobody here gets financially better off, because a trade is a trade, and there is no money involved!
Lotz of people don’t have cable modem, and do you know how long it then takes for downloading a movie? besides when you are at casema there is A ACCEPTABLE USERS POLICY, wich includes not TO MANY DOWNLOAD!
so most people aren’t cabable to do that kind of sharing, so what the hell is wrong with trading trough mail?
ok ok the ptt does steal sometimes, but how much cost empty cd’s really?
so i don’t see the problem in trading trough mail, that’s my opinion!
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Well we must get our trading stuff somewhere.
I don’t agree that Warez should be for free, the crews who are making those cd’s do this with alot of risk, and they disserve to be paid for it.
It’s just the same like working, if you are working, you want to get paid for your work, or am I wrong , I don’t think so.

That’s my way of thinking it, and I hope that there will several more reactions

PS No hard feelings


Off course Warez cd’s shouldn’t be free. It’s like Mattel007 says; there is a lot of work in these cd’s. But I do think they shouldn’t complain when their cd’s are copied.


<LI>Warez on TL and other cds are free only the production costs and the risc you pay for.
<LI>Broadband users have an advantage over Modems but to get into the warez world a Modemer is even usefull as a Cable user.
<LI>Acceptable Users Policys can be greatly bypassed by using methods like FXPing all your needs to dumps and private ftps for later download and organized download with other Users with the same ISP.
<LI>The warez found on cds are all released from Groups sucks as FLT and others, so it is actually nothing more then a plain d/l of the cd creators with the instructions in the nfo file autmoized by a menu of some sort.
<LI>Trade can be done, but no profit has to be made of it, so CD for Cd is a nice compromis, where ways of trade such as over FTPs and over the net can’t comply you can trade the software after you’ve burned it on Cd.
<LI>Selling of Cds where you just burned the release on like you leeched it without any Credits to the releasers is no good and gives you disrispect in the fxp scene
<LI>Making much visit on FXP boards and chatting there and don’t be lame will give you more respact and even might get you invited into the member section, this is importantn, NEVER ask after it, wait till you’re invited. When you get deper you have access to several dump site located on fast servers and with lots of stuff on it already.
<LI>Leechers are never apreciated, they suck away the bandwith of dumps and pubs and so make it obvious for the sysop that something weird is going on and will get the site killed. So never be a leecher and never give anything back, see it too s trade althou you can trade without uploading a single rip or iso, even on an 8k modem you can get high into fxp scene, only learn how to fxp and you can trade very valuable data for other stuff and to make ppl happy
<LI>Basic idea is too, warez groups relase the stuff, they don’t want anything in replace but if they see that they have made nice pub creators and pub scanners from lame leechers then they are happy and you make the rest of the ppl happy too
<LI>Also these release groups take an even bigger risc then TL and so, by actualy providing this stuff and cracking it, TL is only a distributor of it.
<LI>None in the warez scene is in it for money but only for keeping warez free and fighting high software prices, by distributing this they want to keep software free and it should be free.
<LI>Learn how to be respected, learn the basic of FXPing, join a board, be good, ask advice, learn from the posts, get to know ppl, visit the boards chat, talk to ppl, learn more, learn still more, maybe get invited, if not you still need to learn, if invited keep on learning, knowledge is power
<LI>Make others happy and they will like you
<LI>Don’t bitch around to ppl or they will lose fait in you
<LI>CD trade can be done if both users are Modemers, Cable users can trade the digital way always even with Download Limits

I can go on bout this for hours but gotta go now Got some other work to do


(main idea: LEARN, learn every detail, Knowledge is power, the more you know the better you are)

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