How about Maxell?

Hi, I couldn’t help notice that when I was searching for what kind of media you guys recommend, I never saw “Maxell” comming up … Is this brand not available in US, or does it suck so bad you guys don’t even consider it as an option?

Oh and a second question, I heard from this guy that his Princo DVD-R (with white top or something) lasted but two weeks and he had only inserted it into his drive twice … Now I’m about to burn some valuable data, is it likely for those disks to have but a two week life-span?



Maxell is, in fact, often recommended. The +R are usually made by Ricoh, and the -R should be made in Japan by Maxell. The -R are about as good as -R gets.

Simply search the test forums for the Maxell thread if you want to see how they perform.

He shoulda used protection…never know where those drives have been… :stuck_out_tongue:

Like rdgrimes said Maxell is fine. Works good in all my drives.
If you are in US Walmart has it for good price in 10 paks also goes on sale at OD ocassionally for 2 for 1 on the 15 paks.

to be honest, maxell has always produced perfect quality cd’s/dvd’s. Today i even scanned an 5 year old maxell cd-recordable and it showed ABSOLUTLY no sign of decay whatsoever. So highly recommended!!

Ok thank you all, now I at least now what to buy if I want something with good durability :slight_smile:



Adding my 2 cents…

One reason you don’t read much here about Maxell is because it IS that good. It’s more human to complain than to compliment.

I use Maxell silver printable, white matte and branded just about exclusively now. I’ve been down the long, hard road of cheaper “B” media. Nothing sucks worse than dealing with “bad batches” or getting 3.8gb worth of good recording out of 4.3gb.

I have three totally different systems, and Maxell is the only media that burns consistently well in all three burners. I also have about 100 happy customers…so compatibility is also A-1.

In the US, I’ve purchased Maxell media from Walmart, Staples, Newegg, Shopperwiz, and Pagecomputer.

I’m not saying Maxell is a sure bet for your system…as every scenerio is different. But I’d be willing to bet a week’s wages that you’ll have good success.

Got a couple packs of Maxell +R from Office Depot; most of those are Ricohjpnr01. Works great.
The Maxell -R are mostly made in Japan Maxell or TY media. Either one is some of the best stuff you can get.