How about a "Suggested Downloads For your computer" sticky thread




I am new to the CloneCD scene, but I have found a wonderful amount of helpful info so far.

One thing that as a newer user, BUT a very compotent computer user, That I have found difficult is when people mention certain drivers (Aspi, Via 4in1...) and I am unable to find them easilly.

Would there be anyone willing to put up a thread for say xp and 98 with links to important drivers. people could post replys of suggested addons and fixes and the original poster could just edit the first post with the updated info.

just a thought, And its possabll this may be available already somewhere that I am unaware of.



I agree we don’t have a specific sticky thread mentioning all the important downloads but this thread does mention everything that’s important. Shouldn’t be to hard to find the appropriate files.