How about a sticky topic that keeps track of bad media?



I was thinking that it would be good to have a sticky post that people can report various media that has lost it’s data over short periods of time.
I know that Princo do (got burnt) and now it appears that riteks are doing the same.
What about other media?


Almost all types of discs have bad batches once in awhile.
The thread that you are proposing might list EVERY type of media!


Yes, of course. But combined with some sort of poll, it could be useful as media often reported as fastly degrading would appear as such.

Though the problem would be that some brands/mediacodes are less used than others, and could appear as having “less” problems than more popular brands/mediacodes. Just an example of things that could be misleading with such a thread. If you take a look at the media testing section of this forum, you’ll get my point.

It’s been some time now that I’m having a similar idea, but it would take more than a thread an a poll to collect really relevant data. People should reply to multiple questions, like at the Videohelp site. I think Videohelp goes too far, actually, and discourages people to report their experience because of an over-long questionnaire (I’m nevertheless thankful for it’s existence!). In my opinion, something “in between” would be welcome.

It would be nice to have our own “survey” about degradation of media, but unless it’s pretty well conceived and done, I don’t think it will be of real practical interest.

Read also there :


No one’s gonna report a tonne of bad media - just depends what bad means! … If a disc was 10 years old and it showed bad scans - yep … bad… and what about all those fake TYG02’s that are instantly bad? and less known mediacodes (IS01-001) or unknown mediacodes (001 / MEDIAID001 / VDSPMSAB001)? I’m sure they’ll turn bad instantly :slight_smile:


Nice idea, but the logistics make it near impossible. Too general, too circumstantial (storage, burner/firmware, user error, scanning variance, etc). The best thing to do is always read what’s currently happening on this board, check Videohelp, and ask questions before buying if confused.



Well, were we to ever have that kind of thread, a good idea would be to list the mid and how long it lasted before it became unreadable (assuming proper storage conditions). My current question is how long the Moser Baer India mids hold up, as one person has reported the MBIP mids from the DVD+R from Office Max and Staples as degrading within 2 months, but one person is hardly a pattern. I imagine getting it coordinated and getting participation would be really tough. In my mind, fake mids don’t fall into bad media, as they are fakes to start with. “Bad media” for me would be media that burns well initially, but quickly degrades–like pretty much most of the Ritek line (G04, G05, R03…).